Friday, November 13

Author Spotlight: Renee Lovins

Today, instead of talking about myself, I want to take the opportunity to talk about another exciting author: Renee Lovins.

Renee Lovins has her second romance, “Glass Hearts,” on pre-order, and I think you’re gonna like it! It’s a modern-day take on Cinderella, complete with sexy hero and sassy heroine. There’s no bibbity-bobbity-boo or singing mice (remember, it’s modern-day), so they have to find their Happily Ever After another way. In Renee’s own words, “I got stuck on the idea of doing modern fairy tales, where there is no magic, but the story is the same. In this one, I kept playing around with Cinderella, and the fact that I’ve never understood why she didn’t just leave. Any place would have been better. So I twisted it, and gave her a reason to stay – love. She loves this woman and will do anything to help her.”

I’ve included a snippet of “Glass Heart” to whet your appetite below. But to get a better idea of what the book is like, let’s get to know Renee a little bit better. She’s a fascinating mix of practical and quirky, and delightfully humble!

Tell us about yourself. I’m married with cats, work too much, and drive too much.  Yes, that covers my life. I’m a bit of an odd duck in that I grew up on a farm, choose books over food (not that it seems to help with my weight), and spend WAY too much time on my computer. I read darn near everything, and am always trying to make my writing better. Argh, I don’t know what to say about myself… I’m just me, weird, off-kilter, fanfiction writer, and I love Dragoncon.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and only had one book to read, which one would it be? Wait I only get one? Dang it. That is by far the best thing about the Kindle: I can always have dozens at my fingertips. But one. Deserted Island – I’m this horribly practical person, so probably Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook. After all, my goal is to make it OFF the desert island and back to my kindle, and my husband.

What is your favorite sort of promotion, and why? Meeting people, talking about my book. I’m not good with faceless things, I’d rather make connections. I’m a bit of an introvert (most writers are) but one-on-one, I love to talk to people. Email, chat, phone, all of it is good.

If you had to compare your writing style to a movie star (man or woman), who would it be? ~blinks~ I’d say Allyson Hannigan. Subtle, and you don’t realize until it is over just how good it/she was.

What would your super power be? The one I’d want, or the one I have? Cause, yes, I do have a super power. The nicer the blouse I’m wearing is, the faster I will spill food down the front of it. It never fails. My husband keeps offering to get me a personalize lobster bib. Want? Aura reading. I’d love to know how someone feels. I have no desire to read minds, after all the weird stuff that goes through mine, no thanks. But know when someone is hurting or happy would be very nice.

When (if?) you have writer's block, what do you which helps move past it? Timers. If I’m really stuck I say “I have to write for 10 minutes” and just start typing, usually something pops up. If I’m stuck on a plot point, I back track until I figure out what went wrong, and then everything else will click into place.

If you had a hot tub time machine, what would you do with it?  First, find a bathing suit I’d being willing to be seen in public in. Then…. Persia, when algebra was being discovered, and the Silk Road had just opened. I’d try to find the Queen of Sheba and see the beginnings of civilization. Granted being a woman makes all of that MUCH more difficult in that time, but still, it would be fascinating.

What is your personal motto? If I did it during NaNoWriMo I can do it now. It is my mantra every time I tell myself I can’t write today. I wrote 60k words in NaNo 2014, so that means I can get some words on the paper today. That is the best thing about NaNo, pushing yourself so you know what you can do.
Now that we know Renee a little better, I know I’m eager to see how her personality translates onto the page. So below is that snippet I promised. Renee sets the scene for us: “This is about half way through Chapter 1 – and wow do they have a hard time getting back together.  ~evil grin~”
He tasted of salt, smoky whiskey, and ginger, another favorite spice. She deepened the kiss, marveling at her own impetuousness.

Hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her close to him, her breasts smashing against his chest. Well as much as her supportive lingerie would let them.

The sweet burn of need made the kiss even better. When the ache in her lungs, which begged for oxygen, overwhelmed the pleasure, she pulled back.

Looking up into his dilated eyes, she felt the rapid rise and fall of his chest. Ember smiled. It felt different on her face. She felt confident, sure of herself. Sure that he wanted her. And she wanted him.

The temptation to ask why hovered on her tongue, but she pushed it away. No sense in ruining her enjoyment.

“You taste like ginger.”

His grin revealed nice teeth, one of his front teeth slightly chipped. She’d have to remember to explore that with her tongue.

“I was sucking on a ginger candy before I came into the club. You have good taste.”

“Yes, yes I do.” Her eyes slid over his jeans and shirt, and the desire to know what scents wreathed his body outside of this overly scented environment intrigued her. Ember didn’t know if it was the alcohol, the look in his eyes, or the fact that she was leaving the country in a few days, but courage and wildness, unlike her normal safe attitude, grabbed her.

“I’m not going to claim I’m a virgin.” She wrinkled her nose at the memory of a very forgettable lover. “And I never do this. But I want to do this.”

His grin widened a bit more. “Do what?” His voice had dropped an octave and she shivered with pleasure as he looked at her.

“Go to bed with someone I just met in a bar.”

He responded by kissing her again, hard, and she dove into the kiss. She felt like a sex goddess from the intensity of his attention.

Okay, I feel like a sex goddess just reading it J Pre-order your copy of “Glass Hearts” by Renee Lovins today!

Her first novel, a modern-day take on Beauty and the Beast, entitled "Ink Deep" is also available:


  1. Thanks for coming today. I share your superpower, BTW, only am less discriminating in that that I'll spill immediately no matter what I'm wearing. Loved your interview!

    1. Me too! Yesterday I got in my car and looked down and had toothpaste residue down the front of my shirt and not just in one place. I had to go back inside and change into another black shirt. Agh!

    2. Lol, that is why I brush my teeth BEFORE I get dressed. Makes my husband happy, so bonus there.

  2. Thank you so much. This was fun, and I think most women would like to NOT have that superpower. ~grins~