Wednesday, November 4

#NewRelease: Read an excerpt from Kristina Knight's First Love Again

Hey, everyone! It's release week for me, and I'm so excited (still) I keep randomly wandering around my house with a goofy grin on my face.

First Love Again is my tenth book (not counting anthologies or boxed sets), and I have to say the release of a book never gets old. There is a lot of work that leads up to the release (writing the book, natch, but also setting up blog tours and editing and cover art and more editing and on and on), and then the book is out there its like this huge release of energy...because there's nothing left to do but enjoy the moment because all the 'work' is over.

As I was going through the AA phase with this book, I came across a few silly passages, and I thought I'd share one of those with you guys today. Here's your peek inside First Love Again:

“God, I’d forgotten what a master Hank is with sugar and eggs,” Emmett said as he swallowed.
“Tomorrow morning is his special summertime brunch. Cinnamon rolls, omelets—”
“Stuffed French toast?”
Jaime nodded.
“It’s a good thing I’ll be swinging a hammer for the next few weeks.”
Jaime shot a look at him under her lashes as she took a bite of pie. “Afraid of losing your girlish figure?” She savored another bite on her tongue so she wouldn’t wonder what Emmett’s definitely-not-girlish abs might taste like. That was a road she would not travel. Not tonight or any other night.
“As any self-respecting man would be when faced with apple caramel pie and stuffed French toast.”
Emmett finished his pie and leaned forward to toss the bag into a container near the door. His abs rippled with the movement.
Salty, she’d bet they would taste salty.
Except she didn’t bet. And she wasn’t wondering.
God, grant me the strength to not lick Emmett Deal’s abs.
She stood and her arm brushed his. Jaime swallowed and put the fork into the bag and tossed the bag into the container, too.
“Well, enjoy breathing.”
Stupid, stupid, stupid. Enjoy breathing? Maybe just grant me the wisdom not to say anything around Emmett in the future.

“I always do.”

You can buy the book here: Amazon  B&N  KOBO  iBooks  Harlequin


  1. I am having so much fun reading this book!

  2. LOL. Just bought it and plan to read when I get the chance to sit for more than a few. Happy sales!

  3. Love the golden-yellow cover. And of course, what could be better than stuffed French toast and abs all in one scene? Yummy. --Tanja

  4. thanks, Liz! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!! Margie, happy reading (when you have the chance to sit down)! Tanja, I love that cover...and writing that scene was a lot of fun. :D