Thursday, November 5

When You've Got Nothing

I got nothing this morning. Literally nothing. So, I'm taking the advice from many of writers and sitting down to begin typing. The words will come, we've been told, if only we keep our butt in the chair.

I really need to fold that laundry and get the rest of the load into the dryer.

There's a breeze creeping in from the window. Maybe I should shut the inner window as well. But, then I'd have to take my inspirational coasters down and just stack them. 

Have you guys watched Quantico? The show is awesome. I can't decide who to trust and who might be the mole. Although, I do wonder where they'll go next year after they discover who the underwraps terrorist is.

I have The Today Show on and Donald Trump is talking. I can't even stand his voice. That's all I'm going to say politically--but I really want to throw the remote about now. Phew, he's done. It could've gotten ugly.

The best thing about The Peanuts Movie besides it being a new Peanuts movie, is all the new toys. Look at these Happy Meal toys I got yesterday. And I love that McDonalds doesn't make me eat their food to be rewarded. Thank you, McDonalds.

How pathetic is my mind this morning? I'm looking around my computer room/writing nook, looking for anything to spark a thought worth sharing. And nothing is sparking.

Sometimes writing is like that, but we just have to keep at it. Stay in the chair, spew words onto the page even if they're just going to be deleted when we go through edits.

Because maybe that spew will inspire something great to emerge.

Or maybe not. But, at least you can say, today I wrote.




  1. LOL. Glad you spewed today, Margie!

  2. Oh, there with you. I always use my client work as a reason for not writing. I'm sure they appreciate being my excuse. Hang in, it'll'll come...

  3. love your stream of consciousness!! We haven't seen Peanuts - yet - but I'm hoping we'll get there this weekend.

  4. Love the post! Isn't it frustrating how much we think about when we're trying desperately NOT to think about it because we NEED to think about writing?!

  5. Thank you, ladies, for the love! Right backatcha!