Friday, February 26

Love is in the Air!

Even more than talking about myself, I love talking about other authors. Especially when they have a book release coming soon. And especially when the author is my friend Jillian Jacobs!

Jillian's third, and final, book of her Elemental Series will be available March 15th, and she just did a cover reveal this week (Check it out below!). To celebrate the release of "Air's Vision", she is putting her first Elemental book, "Water's Threshold" on sale for 99-cents! Also to celebrate this release, she is putting "Air's Vision" on sale for 99-cents for the first month!

To paraphrase a well-known local businessman, she's not crazy, she just looooooves to sell books.

Joking aside, these Paranormal stories are filled with beautiful imagery, engaging characters, steamy (but not erotic) love scenes, and awesome villains! In a word, her books are delightful, engaging, entertaining, and utterly satisfying. Okay, that's five words.

Here is a teaser for her newest, "Air's Vision" --

A sightless woman. A man who has seen everything. A new vision of the future.

For over four centuries the Air Elemental, Nodin Osi, has protected the very air we breathe. Yet when he returns to his ancestral homelands to recruit a beautiful ally, he’s literally set adrift when someone else takes control of his gifts.

Blind since birth, Kamali Kiwidinok can only see the vibrant auras surrounding each human. She blusters into Nodin’s world armed with her special vision only to discover that Nodin is the one person she can actually see.

Quint, an insidious creature composed of dark matter, returns with strong adversaries and stolen magic, holding nothing back in his pursuit of the most powerful witch in history. Unaware the Elementals have developed a spell to banish him from this plane, he relentlessly pursues his goals.

Plunged back into darkness, Kamali must stand against her enemies before helping the Elementals in their fight against Quint. Will Nodin make the ultimate sacrifice for Kamali? Or is the future between a human and a peri-mortal lost in the wind?


  1. Congrats on the new release, Jillian, and welcome to Word Wranglers!! This one sounds intriguing!!