Thursday, March 31

Finding Happy

by Margie Senechal

In junior high, Mr. Ray, my journalism teacher, wrote this is in my yearbook, "Strive to be happy."

The fact that I don't remember anything anyone else wrote tells you how much that statement has meant to me over the years. 

So, this week, I thought I'd share some things that have brought me happiness.

The Sun. For a few days, the rain has abated and the sun is shining. As I write this, I hear a lawn mower in the distance, birds chirpping, and the light rustle of leaves on the trees. And it's supposed to be 75 today! What a good week to have Thursday off instead of Tuesday.

The Renaissance Faire is coming back to Oregon. I actually enjoy this more than the county fair--it's just a great atmosphere. 

On Easter my sister baked a ham and there was enough leftovers for me to take home and make ham salad for sandwiches. I was so excited for lunch the next day that I actually thought, "Ham salad shouldn't make me this happy." But, why not? 

The trailer for Me Before You. Yes, I saw it when it came out on the internet, but this week I saw it in the movie theater--and really, there is something to be said, about seeing things in the dark, on a huge screen, with lots of people around you. Ohhh--I loved the book and the movie looks amazing.

And finally, Disney Lego Minifigures. Seriously. I am so excited about these. There's not one in there that I don't want. 

And lastly, because finally wasn't enough--I'm happy that I finally came up with a post to share with you all. And it'd make me even happier if you'd share what makes you happy.


  1. Right now, the color green makes me happy. It's gloomy here today, but the boyfriend is rolling the yard--which is VERY green, and there are shades of green in all the woods. And your post made me happy!

    1. Yay! That makes me happy :) And I love green as well. Better, seeing as I live in the evergreen state. Come Aprilish, when the leaves are big and it rains hard, it looks as if green is dripping from the trees. I love that!

  2. PNW sunshine. Big walks with my doggie. Alone time. A clean house. Red wine. Time spent with family.

    1. What about gardening at your favorite co-worker's house?? LOL