Wednesday, March 16

The State of the Desk

It's been a while since I've taken y'all on a tour of my desk...and since we did the whole office changeover thing I have a lot more disorganization desk to talk about!

I've come to the realization that my desk will never be a pristine place. It isn't a complete wreck, either, but I like to have things around - like my chicken-creamer-pen-holder or my most recent addition (because I needed more space for my markers) this antique-y pail with star cut-outs. I added the blue ribbon because I felt like it needed a little color.

RadioMan's desk is still in here - and will be until we decide on a garage sale date - but I've discovered I like his big, corner-until desk with the top shelf. Because I can put things on that shelf - like our Family Tree pics and a couple of plaques that help put me in my happy place. The pinkish one in the back? That's my favorite, not because it applies to
writing (although it does), but because it applies to life. Every day we have the chance to start a new story - to love more, to set aside anger, to go after our dreams.

Some of my favorite desk things have made it off my desk and onto a window sill. I love this Boyd's Bear, and the croc keychains have now made about three cross-country
moves...and that stress ball? Our adoption agency gave them out, so that has to stay because it's part of the family now...

What about you? What unnecessary things find a home on your desk?


  1. I love the stress ball! My desk is a mess, but everywhere I look in my office, I see things that matter to me (many of them involving grandchildren).

  2. Most of my mess isn't on my desk, it's on the wall above my desk--two bulletin boards covered in all kinds of memorabilia. But I do have beaver in a plaid hat with earflaps on my desk...he's an angel in disguise...

  3. So, let's see, I have a Peanuts lite brix set--they're like Legos with lights and less quality--on my printer, a multi-colored glass Eiffel tower and a coffee mug that says, What happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe--but that's a reminder for my mistletoe romance book.