Thursday, April 14

Begin Again

by Margie Senechal

For me, the last couple of years have been about change.

Leaving my safe--if at times frustrating--job without a back up was a leap of faith. I spent a summer just doing whatever I felt like doing before getting a job.

The job I have now doesn't pay near as much as my previous position, but I'm doing what I want to do. I get to freestyle merchandise--setting up displays, rearranging walls of product--pretty much 75 percent of my time. This week has been particularly challenging, i.e. fun, as there's a company-wide initiative to flop Baby Depot which is my department. Today is my 8th day in a row. At times, I think I'm getting too old for this stuff. At least that's what my body says when I wake up in the morning. But, I do love what I do.

And with this job came the reinvention of me. For years, I was told/thought I wasn't a good cook. Hey, guess what? I have fooled my new co-workers into believing I'm a good cook. The truth is somewhere in between. And really, I give a lot of credit to those Facebook videos that give you recipes. I see them and think, "Well, I can do that." And I can. 

And now, I'm reinventing Bix. I told you last week that I'd opened my newest file for him and was surprised how much I liked those three chapters. 

This week I've expanded on those and added more. And I'm really liking what's happening. By the time I'm done again--fifth time's the charm, right??--I expect it to be totally new. 

It's a fresh approach in that I'm not grafting any of the original story into it--except the characters and the premise of a witness protection town.

And like the reinvention of self, it's another leap of faith. But, then, isn't every story?


  1. Writing is ALL about leaps of faith, isn't it? Nice post, Margie.

  2. Good post, Margie and I'm with Liz--writing is all about leaps of faith. Putting Bix out there will be another leap, but you are so up to it! Have fun with this new approach!

    1. Thanks, Nan! Hopefully this one will be the right one.

  3. fun! good luck re-bix-ing, Margie!