Friday, April 8

Cover Reveal!

Aliens live among us, and they are also super hotties, according to Fiona Riplee. A quick glance at the cover of her first novel (to be released soon!), and I agree whole-heartedly!

Since sci-fi is near and dear to my heart, I'm thrilled to spotlight fellow sci-fi romance writer, Fiona Riplee. The much-awaited cover reveal for her first book "Circle of Lies" whets our appetite to learn about the exciting world she has crafted, where human-looking aliens with special powers have integrated among humans and both races are trying to exterminate the other. Combine this natural conflict with the tension of attraction and its an awesome recipe for romance! Every writer has to build a world for the reader within the pages of their book... The fun thing about being a paranormal or sci-fi writer is that we get to really let our imaginations run wild. And yet our worlds still need to be grounded in reality enough to keep our readers engaged, which is a unique challenge. One to which Fiona has risen beautifully! I'm sooooo excited for her book, and I hope you are equally intrigued. Check it out!

Circle of lIes, Alien Prophecies Book 1
Will all of Sandra's dreams come true? Or will Sandra encounter a nightmare she can't escape?
Fiona ain't lyin': Aliens are hotties! 

Raz Donovan
Is Raz the savior of the Sixxer alien race, or will his child bring mankind and Sixxers together in peace? As a former M83 soldier and Transor, Raz vows to never get involved in the fight against humans again. Now, his only purpose is to protect his small circle, and stay away from the one human female ruining all his plans. Once Raz realizes the extent of the Sixxer destruction, he is forced into a battle that will include fighting his heart.  

Sandra Robins
Sandra always wanted a husband and a family. She wanted a happy and ordinary life. Unfortunately, her ex-husband had a different ideal. Now wary of men, she's drawn to the mysterious man that takes care of her best friend. Raz is nothing like her ex, and because of circumstances put into motion before she met him, she'll be thrown into a world where it's hard to tell the truth from the lies. Once a part of this world there is no turning back. Her heart convinces her to fall in love again.

See? The perfect recipe for a romance novel :-)

Check out this excerpt:
Sean and Paris tumbled out of the car and walked to the store entrance. Raz pulled Sandra closer to him. He examined her face, and the back of his hand settled on her forehead. Satisfied with the results he relaxed. His hands lingered on her skin.
“I’m better,” Sandra said.
Raz brushed his thumb across her lower lip. “Tell me again the moment you feel anything strange. Anything.”
She whispered, “What’s wrong?”
A light flashed in his eyes. He closed them, and his forehead touched hers. “There’s so much you won’t understand, but Paris is right. You need to know.”
Sandra waited for the truth, but the touch of his lips on hers destroyed any need for explanations. This kiss was innocent, loving. It was the faintest sweep of heat, but it woke a dark hunger in her body. He opened his eyes, the raw need there scared the bejesus out of her.
Raz jerked back into the driver’s seat, back into the shadows. “Go clean up. This stop will be short.” He got out of the car and shrugged into his jacket. Inserting a credit card into the kiosk he pulled the gas cap off the tank.
Sandra opened her door, and the cold night shocked her. Her uneven breaths puffed like smoke before her. She wished she had something warmer to wear, hot days and cold nights left her unprepared. She pulled the collar of her blazer up around her neck and followed Paris and Sean inside the building.
The ladies room spanned three stalls, and Sandra entered without the walls trapping her. She grabbed paper towels and ran hot water over her hands. They shook. Sandra examined herself in the cracked mirror.
Stress, anxiety, and lack of proper food for the entire day all added up to what Sandra saw reflected back. A tired thirty-one-year-old woman who decided on a whim to run off into the sunset with her lover, and a questionably contagious friend. She ran the moist paper towel across her face. Raz knew more about Paris’s illness then he let on. It was obvious to Sandra she was now infected. It was the only reason they hadn’t left her behind at HUP.

Fiona's Bio: "I have always been an avid reader of romance and science fiction. I decided to merge my two reading passions together to create my own version of paranormal/science fiction romance. I love creating new worlds where there are endless possibilities for finding love. I grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania and am currently living in Indiana with my hopelessly romantic husband (who would never admit it under torture), the cutest and craziest toddler I’ve ever seen, and two mischievous dogs. While I haven’t sailed around the world I have been to Jamaica where I was married beside the ocean and in a previous career traveled to Germany and Switzerland."

(It's funny how an author who is as down-to-earth as Fiona can craft such out-of-this-world stories!) Check her out, and let her stories illuminate your dark passions!
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Twitter: @FionaRiplee


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