Friday, May 20

Day Two of On the Road

12:00 - Sitting at a wobbly little table in the lobby chowing down. Had a long workshop session this morning. The vibe feels different at this year's conference--maybe missing Indy friends--but still a good thing. We're just getting started on the workshops, spotlights, and heroine-worship opportunities that that keynote speakers bring with them. Not much time to report--check back in later!
Liz again at 5:50. Great publisher spotlights and I'm doing fan geekiness over seeing Robyn Carr--I wonder if she knows how many of her books I've read. Kind of tired. I was looking forward to dinner, but then I ate a whole bunch of potato chips... More later!

Nan here at 6:15. Kinda tired? Um . . . one wine cooler and she's out! We're taking a short break before dinner and a keynote address. So much fun today, but whew! What a flurry of workshops and publisher spotlights. Y'all will be proud of me--I stepped up to each editor and offered my card to let them know that Editor Nan was in the house. Everyone was welcoming and gracious--maybe I'll get some work from them. Tomorrow, while Liz is attending workshops, I'll have my other hat on as I pitch to those same editors as Author Nan. Heading down to supper now . . . more at day's end.

It's Liz at10:40. Okay, it's 10:40 Chicago time, but it's 11:40 home time and I'm by way of  being whipped.

A fun day. A great discussion on sweet romance a little while ago. Have a great night--see you tomorrow!

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  1. Lol. Sounds like you're having fun--in between naps and wine coolers :)