Saturday, May 21

Spring Fling Day 3

1:45 pm: Nan here, Day 3 started early for us--I had pitch appointments starting at 8 a.m., so breakfast was a quickie instant (and pricey!) oatmeal at Starbuck's in the hotel. Pitches all went well--I got requests for full manuscripts from three of the four editors I pitched and the agent I just met with also asked to see a full. I'm calling it a success. Now Liz and I are outside in the courtyard waiting for the book signing to start at 3:00. That's Liz working on her novel. We'll be back with more after the book signing. . .

9:40: It's Liz. Being tired. Nan had a kicking kind of day! Dinner was good, Robyn Carr's speech afterward was wonderful. Meeting her today was great, too. Worked outside for a while and enjoyed that.

We loved meeting people, especially a lovely group of women from WisRWA. One of them, Karen I. Miller, won first place in the historical category of the Fire and Ice contest. She's also a Golden Heart finalist. Another was author  Meg Hennessy. Barbara M. Britton was there, along with Molly Maka, who would win the Liz Flaherty award for best-dressed if there was such a thing. Betsy Norman was so funny and so nice we hated saying goodbye to her. Shannyn Schroeder was a hoot. Former Word Wrangler Christi Barth was there. Our compliments go out to the organizers of the Chicago-North Spring Fling 2016--it was a resounding success.

Shannyn Shroeder and Nan Reinhardt
I'm winding down. The pajamas are feeling pretty good. I'll be back Monday with my regular post. Probably more exciting stuff like doing post-conference laundry or our lawn tractor breaking down or Duane and I sitting in our chairs watching Jeopardy. But that is the stuff of which my life is made and I'm a happy participant in it. Harking back to Robyn Carr's inspiring speech tonight, sometimes I'm the wind beneath the hero's wings and sometimes I'm the wings. It's all good.

Have a great rest of the weekend. See you on the flip side.

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  1. Looks like you've both had a great conference. Hope the pitches and networking bear fruit!