Wednesday, June 22

Randomness from Kristina

A couple of weeks ago (or maybe last week?) my brain misfired and I forgot Wednesday was Wednesday and therefore, no blog. I just spent about two  hours this morning thinking it was Tuesday or maybe Thursday and just realized it was Wednesday blog. So you're getting a little randomness from me. Kind of my version of Margie-Stream-Of-Consciousness.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our February cruise - I'm wishing I was on this beach again.

Yesterday was bebe's birthday. She's now 8, and somehow I can't believe that it's really been 2,920 days since we first met. It seems like she should only be 4 or maybe 5..possibly only 12 months. I know, all moms say that. Actually, I like the age she's at now (I saw that about all of them) because she's a bit more independent, but she still finds wonder in the world.

We're having our carpets cleaned today, and I love it when they come because the house immediately smells like we're living in a meadow.

I'm in the final stages of one book (#3 of my billionaire Cowboys, What the Gambler Risks), and the beginning stages of another (#2 in my Slippery Rock series, yet to be titled), and I'm loving both stages. I've got the motivations figured out for the cowboy book, and I just had a brainstorm about the Slippery Rock book. The characters are coming together, the books are meshing (not together, but in their own ways), and I'm having so much fun.

We've become a fish family - bettas. It started with RadioMan getting a blue betta for Father's Day (a little bit early, he couldn't wait) and bebe getting an orange for her birthday (also a little early because if Daddy doesn't have to wait why should she?)...and now I'm starting a betta sorority (all female, we're starting with 3).  This fish-keeping thing has been a bit of a learning curve, but it's also a lot of fun seeing the personalities of the fish (yes, they all have a personality) come out.

Fish, I'm finding, are kind of like the characters in our books. We think we know them, and then they surprise us. Like Jase, my third Billionaire Cowboy. I thought he was very pragmatic, but in truth, he's a risk-taker. He's a bit pragmatic about risks, but he likes that adrenaline even if he thinks it's going to end badly, he's going to take the ride.

And Savannah, from my first Slippery Rock book, I thought was spoiled and rotten, but it turns out she's terrified of just about everything..and because she doesn't want to be seen as terrified, she's done spoiled and rotten things for most of her life. When the book begins, she's reeling from another self-destruct mode, but she's also grown up a bit and realizes she doesn't want to be afraid, she doesn't want to be constantly recovering from self-destruct mode...she was a fun character to write!

What about you? Do you like writing (and reading) those broken characters who have a long journey to self-fulfillment?


  1. I love these stream-of-consciousness blogs--I wish I did them as well as you and Margie and Liz. Fish! Fun! And how great that your writing is going so well. Have a great day, Kristi!

  2. I can't believe Bebe is getting to be such a grand young lady. Eight?? I think you were in the midst of the adoption process when we first "met". Crazy.

    Congrats on your good writing days! Love those.

    1. we were - those long, harrowing days!!!! Gah!

  3. I just love getting to know them, like finding out Savannah was scared instead of spoiled. Great stream today, Kristi.