Thursday, July 14

Gardening With Phil

by Margie Senechal

I didn't start gardening until I was in my forties and became friends with Phil. Since then, my garden has become one of my favorite sanctuaries. It's not always--ever?--in the condition I want it to be, but it's still mine. 

This morning I discovered that my little birdhouse is the home of a little bird family. How cool!
Along the way I've learned some lessons and since I'm busy getting ready for bunco on my patio tonight, I'll share a poem I wrote years ago about Gardening with Phil. 

     Gardening with Phil
    Life lessons I’ve learned
Buy plants in season or live to regret it.
Have patience, blooms will come.
Pick plants like you pick friends,Because you enjoy them.

If it gets stomped on or picked,Don’t fret, it will return next year
Tall, erectile plants are a must.
If it gets too big, split in two, and share with a friend.

Gardening is ever-evolving and therefore, never quite finished.

There’s always room for one more
Or ten more.
Gardening is an addiction.
There is no death, only hibernation.
One person’s nursery is another’s sanctuary.
When in doubt, return to your roots.
Plant it.  What can it hurt?



  1. Oh, Margie, I have so much respect for gardeners--I'm a totally by-the-seat-of-my-pants flowerbed planter (I won't insult you by referring to myself as a gardener). Honestly, I hate doing work in the garden because I get so itchy and uncomfortable, but I love a a beautiful garden...good for you!!

    1. Oh, I am by no means, a real gardener--I am more like you, except I don't have flower beds, more like a bunch of flowers here and some weeds over there. LOL But, I do love working in it when my knees cooperate :)

  2. I WANT to love gardening, but I don't. You have all my admiration for doing it!

    1. And you have my admiration for sewing. LOL Which frustrates the heck out of me.