Thursday, July 7

Girl With The Plan

At the beginning of the year, I came up with a writing plan. I called it The Chaos Project because that was the state of my writing brain at that time.

I committed one day of the week to five writing projects, one day to typing, and one day to work on a project that wasn't necessarily meant to be published--I called it the Wednesday Wonder. Some writers have a Sunday Story that they work on but Wednesdays are generally my Sundays. 

If you're doing the weekday math, then you've realized that today is my Monday. Gotta love retail.

So, like other Margie plans, this one started out pretty well--for about the first month. I even blogged about it on my personal blog which has a total of four posts at this writing. Yeah, I slacked off on the blogging over there.

So, here's what happened. The Chaos Project gave me permission to work on what I wanted. And that was immensely freeing. 

Of the five projects I started out with, the MG was the first to fall. I didn't even write on it once. Maybe one day, it will rise to the top. The YA novel, Nobody Number Nine, sprinted out of the starting blocks stealing the focus from the MG and a couple of other ones. However, I haven't written on that one in a couple of months.

A romance, Mistletoe Madness, and a suspense, Accidental Terrorist, also fizzled after the first month or so. Not because they aren't good ideas, only because other stories, namely Crysalis, stole their time and space in my brain by being more persistant.

But, even that one has taken a back seat recently to Goddess, which I received a request for last week after a twitter-pitch event.

So, was the Chaos Project a success or a failure????

I think somewhere in between. While I didn't follow the plan exactly or at all, it freed my frozen muse. Until I gave myself permission to work on whatever my heart desired when my heart desired it, I was having a hard time getting anything committed to paper.

So, my final piece of advice from this experiment is, "Give yourself permission to follow your bliss." Whether it's a writing project, gardening, or skydiving. Give in and give it your all.


  1. I tend to not stay with "plans" very well, e.g. writing Monday-Friday, but I usually get something from every plan before it goes to the wayside. Sounds like you do the same thing. Good post, Margie.

    1. Thanks, Liz. And I'm terrible at keeping plans. On my days off, I have a to-do list. I think the bathroom getting cleaned has been on their for a few weeks now :) I'd rather write. LOL

  2. I really truly cannot do plans when it comes to writing--I only end up disappointing myself and feeling like a failure. I respect the fact that you make them and that you can stick to them...mostly. I just have to write when the spirit moves me and hope for the best. Not a great plan, I know...

    1. I'm finding that if I make time, I can usually rouse the muse into helping me out :) I'm going to need her over the new six-eight weeks. LOL

  3. If you're writing (regardless of what), then it sounds like your plan has been a success! Best of (continued) luck! :-)