Friday, July 29

Life-Lessons from the Kitties

I haven't been writing much these past few weeks. With WIP #2 at the editor and contest judging season upon me, writing has taken a back-seat. So I don't have writing-related blogs. But life-related blogs, I have a-plenty.
We have two nearly-grown kittens in our house, and they have provided a wealth of entertainment for the family as they’ve grown and evolved their individual characters. Watching Jake and Sugar has also provided some quality life-lessons, many of which I should heed.

Take Naps. This can also be called “if it feels good, do it.” Jake and Sugar like to take naps, stretch, play, and sharpen their claws on [insert furniture]. We humans are often inhibited by a sense of propriety and/or responsibility. So, be more like a cat and throw off the cares of the world, curl up in a warm sunbeam, and sleep. And when your nap is finished, open your eyes, sharpen your claws, and say “okay world. Now what?” And don’t regret a thing.
Be curious. This goes along with “take chances,” “stretch yourself,” and “what would happen if I bat this [insert object] off the table?” In truth, don’t ever let familiarity breed boredom or contempt. Surely there’s more to even the seemingly mundane items, tasks, and people in your life than you think. Explore them.

It’s okay not to apologize. “I’m sorry” comes out of my mouth all the time. And I’m usually not really as sorry as I am trying to be gracious or civil. But watch a cat stare at you, when both of you know they did something wrong did something you would have preferred they not do, and you realize 1) they don’t feel sorry for their actions so why should you expect them to act like they do, and 2) you’ve already forgiven them anyway because you love them.

Even with a fascinating world outside, you can still be happy with your own little world. Jake and Sugar spend countless hours staring out the windows at the world outside the house. The passing cars, the bugs, and birds, that damn chipmunk, etc. But watching this world they’ll never get to explore doesn’t keep them from enjoying their own inside world. They don’t pine and moan about things they wish they could have but can’t. They take naps, explore, and knock things over without apologizing.
If you don’t want to be petted or manhandled, it’s okay to bite and scratch. Good touch / bad touch applies in both the adult and feline worlds. If we don’t like it and want it, we shouldn’t have to put up with it. Say so in whatever language is most appropriate for you at the moment.

If you meow enough, mom will give you shredded cheese. Okay, not really an applicable lesson. So let’s call it: "Don’t be ashamed to let your desires be known and met." Jake and Sugar are both pretty laid-back cats, but they aren’t afraid to let us know when they want something. Their meows can be veeeeery persuasive! Don’t let your own needs and wants be put to the side; if you don’t vocalize them, they won’t get met.

Real Kitties have Curves. Blame the shredded cheese, but Sugar already has “hangy downies”… that little pouch which distends from her belly. And she’s not ashamed of it. In fact, she loves to have it rubbed, and will roll on her back, legs spread wide, when belly tickles ensue. In spite of my admonishment against being “easy,” Sugar revels in her curves and they joy they bring her. If only we could all be so happy when someone is petting our own hangy-downies!



  1. love all of these - we could learn a lot from kittens (and puppies)

  2. East Coast HottieJuly 29, 2016 at 10:53 AM

    So true. All of it. Thank you for a new appreciation of cats, me, and living!

  3. Great advice, Ava! And tres cute kitties! Thanks for the smile!

  4. Particularly liked the sharpen claws bit. Maybe I should give that a try? LOL!

  5. Pretty cats--I love the pic of them looking out the window. And how cool that you've been trained about the shredded cheese!