Tuesday, July 26

Random Stuff Because I'm a Ditz . . .

Oh, Wranglers, I confess I spaced today's post. Some stuff is going on in my life that isn't for posting here and although that's not an excuse, it is a reason. So you know what? I'm just going to give you all some fun links today...interesting stuff that you might enjoy and also, some Sam because . . . well, because Sam is always a good idea.

An interesting article about authors and self-promo:

A glossary of wine terms and lingo, just in case you need it for a story: http://www.gallowebcentral.com/glossary.html

A recipe for Fried Cabbage because. . . yum!!

A link to Jeffrey Dean Morgan singing in the movie Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding because once again. . . yum!

And here's your Sam for today. . . also because, yum!



  1. you had me at Sam (and that really counts because he was at the bottom of the post!) :)

  2. I enjoyed these links, especially that recipe, but I just kept coming back to Sam...