Friday, August 12

Keeping Score

Happy Friday! I am just a few short days away from releasing my Book Number 2 (squeee!), but today I want to spotlight another new release from one of my favorite writer peeps: Jillian Jacobs.

Jillian's sixth book, and third in her romantic suspense O-Line Series is now available: "Maude's Score."

She'll probably never admit it out loud, but I think Jillian has a bit of evil genius inside her... one that revels in snatching her characters and throwing them heartlessly into dire, life-threatening circumstances just to watch them squirm and (as is so often the case with romance novels) grow to love each other. But Jillian loves her villains as much, if not more, than her romantic characters. Again, she'll probably never admit this out loud, but the evidence is clear when she sends her close writer friends little cryptic texts like "My villain is sooooo bad, I love him!" and "At the end of my chapters, I say Dun-Dun-Dun!" I can almost see her rubbing her hands together and laughing with a deep-throated BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!! while the fog swirls about her and the eerie pipe organ music plays in the back ground (which would be weird, since she lives in the Midwest, where foreboding fog and creepy castles with organs are few and far between).

Don't get me wrong. Jillian's O-Line books are not Saturday Late-Nite Horror Movie Features. They are edge-of your seat exciting with strong female characters and hot jocks who prove they're as much brain as they are brawn. Take a taste of "Maude's Score" and I promise you'll come back to try the whole team!

Manchester Marauders offensive lineman Jason Stafford has everything going for him until he is blindsided by a calculating woman who names him as the father of her unborn child. Unsure of the validity of her claim, he treads carefully, despite being willing to accept responsibility.

Maude Killion, the younger sister of one of Jason’s teammates, has been sidelined by a crush on Jason. Determined to revise her game plan, Maude asserts her independence from her overprotective brother and a controlling boyfriend.

While working on a charity project, Maude and Jason discover they play well together. But when Maude becomes the victim of a malicious foe, it appears that another player has entered the game—one with deadly intentions who will stop at nothing to win.

Now, Maude and Jason must join forces to defeat their opponent and score a victory for love.  

Barely able to keep up with his long strides, Maude followed him down the corridor to an old gym. No overhead lights, along with the gray skies, kept the room dark.
Which might have been a good thing, because her mind blanked the moment Jason shoved her against the wall and kissed her.
In shock, she took a moment to catch up with his hungry lips before shoving against his chest. “What are you doing? What is this?”
He smiled his wicked playboy smile and drew her lower body against his own. “Gratitude.”
“Gratitude for what?” Maude drew a deep breath, fighting past whatever blocked her throat and caused her heart to thunder.
He tucked her hair behind her ear. “For listening to me the other night.”
“I didn’t mind. I don’t want gratitude from you. I want…I don’t know, because I can’t believe this is real. You kissing me isn’t doing anything but confusing me.” She stepped out of his arms. “Plus, you came with Ariel.”
“I didn’t leave with her.”
“Oh, that’s a great line, one I’m sure you’ve used often, but with me…no. Just no. I don’t do lines, and I don’t do grateful kisses.”

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  1. Welcome to the round corral, Jill! Love this series!