Saturday, September 10

Day 5 -- a "Tasteful" Writing Day

So right off, our supper last night was amazing! Liz's Hoosier green beans rocked and my cedar-plank salmon was perfectly delicious. We added hot bread and a salad and man, oh man, it was a great supper. We had wine, too, of course--mine was Dry Creek Cab and Liz's was the last of her bottle of Sangria from Warner Winery here in South Haven. We were really impressed with their wines--well, okay I was very impressed with their wines. Liz just got a good buzz going and agreed with whatever I said. ;-)

Today started out slooowwww. We got up, drank coffee, talked, ate some breakfast, talked, drank some more coffee, talked, and then we brainstormed my new story and Liz's WIP and then we drank more coffee and then we talked. We're thinking the next time we take a trip, we'll try to find more time to talk.

By the time we both we got showers, it was getting close to lunch, so we walked into town. Yes, you read that right, we actually walked into town--it was a long walk, too, but we did it. We went back to Taste for lunch--more fabulous tapas and although we ordered some of the same stuff we had before, we also added in some new dishes, so we're about halfway through their small plate menu now. If we were staying another week, we'd have tasted everything on it. You're getting last time's pictures because we got so involved in ordering and eating that we forgot to take pictures this time. After lunch we walked around town, checked out some antiques shops--I found a cool gift for my sister, PJ.

We came back home and have pretty much been writing and talking--you know, we haven't really had a chance to talk much this trip . . . ahem . . . Now, supper is . . . well, as you can see, supper is wine and chips and salsa and dip . . .and probably, ice cream later.

Lizzie? Anything you want to add here?

Yo, it's Liz. I've just dragged my greasy hand out of the potato chip bag. I do love me some gourmet meals. And talking. As you can tell from the above, we've done a whole lot of that and the other part of the story is that we're not done yet.

I think when we plan a trip next year, we're going to keep the destination a secret. Then we'll just show pictures all week and ask commenters where in the world Nan and Liz are. Not exactly an original concept, but one that should be fun. Especially since we don't know where we're going or what we're doing much of the time. We might have a little "follow the cork trail" game... Of course, Nan will supply the corks because I of course am really only good at holding out my glass and saying, "Yes, I'll try that. And that. And maybe some chips. And that..."

It's been a great writing week. I know we'll have tons of revising and "meshing" to do when we get home, but it is so much fun brainstorming. At home, I read my stuff aloud in my office just to check for flow; here, Nan and I read to each other and count on feedback. Sometimes, "What the heck were you thinking?" isn't always that helpful, but we do our best.

There's a storm watch at home now as we're sitting here, and it gives me my first hard hit of homesickness. Long marriages mean weathering all manner of storms as a matched set, and even as content as I am here, I miss the boyfriend and the particular kind of together that comes with sitting out some thunder and lightning.

Across the table, Nan is watching the radar and texting with Husband (Jim to me--I never call him Husband.) We will keep them safe, and we know they'll be waiting for us Sunday morning.

We're going to spend today writing and making last-day dashes into the olive oil store, the bakery, and--Lord help us--maybe Taste again. Then we'll pack up and head for home Sunday morning. Today is your last chance to comment and be entered for the giveaway--the winner will be announced Monday. We thank you all for joining us on the trip.

See you Monday. Have a great weekend!
Nan and Liz at South Haven, Michigan


  1. It seems the two things you did not do enough this year is drink wine and talk. You definitely need to work more of that into your trip next year. Thanks for sharing with us this year. I am calling my travel BFF so we can plan a trip. Safe travels home.

    1. I hope you have as good a trip as we've had, and we're so glad you joined us on it!

  2. It's been soooo much fun following along on your trip! Have a GREAT last day!

  3. I'm headed to the coast today with Jordan, my mom and sister for our last beach trip of the summer. We're going to Cannon Beach on the Oregon side, crossing over Ilwaco in WA for their awesome farmers market and then back to Astoria, OR for lunch and then heading home.

    Unfortunately, I don't get any. Brainstorming or writing time. You ladies have a safe trip home!

    1. Sounds like such fun, Margie. My writer friend Muriel Jensen lives in Astoria!