Friday, September 23

Forcing the Muse

These past few weeks, my day job has commanded all my creative juices. As Margie can attest, the Holidays are beginning to hit the stores already. Holiday-related products. Holiday-related displays. Pumpkin spice everything. In order for all this holiday to make it to your store, someone has to sell it in first.
That’s where I come in. Today is the statewide holiday sales meeting for my wine & spirits employer. Today, my company showcases our holiday products and displays so that our sales force can go forth and conquer…er, I mean sell. I don’t sell; I do sales meetings. And with the fate of our holiday selling business on the line, I was given the marching orders to do this meeting up really big. Oh, and get creative.

Siiiiigh. I like to think of myself as a creative person, but the muse is temperamental and doesn’t like being on anyone’s timeframe but her own. So, to have to be creative is a bit daunting. And, hey, it’s only my job on the line, which doesn’t add any stress to the situation, right? Add to that, the minutia of putting together an event—the little bitty details no one thinks about or even knows about, but if they don’t get executed the big picture falls apart like a house without nails.

It’s like writing my masterpiece while at the same time heartlessly editing it. Like giving the creative muse free reign but then questioning everything. And it’s exhausting.

Okay, enough of my self-pity-party. By the time you read this, the meeting will be in full swing. As of this writing, everything is in order and as ready as it can be. All the company grand-poobahs are appropriately impressed with my preparations. And all I have to do is keep from tripping over my Greek Goddess costume. Plus, because the industry I work is has its benefits: there will be alcohol served.
As long a lunch shows up on time, I’m golden.

So the stress and pressure (and lack of writing) which has consumed me these last few weeks are over and I can get back to some semblance of normal. But it makes me wonder who else has to re-direct their muse, either occasionally or all the time? And how do you do it without going crazy?


  1. My job never required much creativity--in fact, discouraged it...hmmm--but like any other job, it took from all branches of self, so there wasn't usually all that much left for writing. And a little craziness is good, right? Right? RIGHT?

  2. First off--I hope all is going well. As I write this you're probably at the tail end.

    But, to calm your fears. I totally agree about the exhausted muse. I have written anything substantial in a couple of weeks because my energies and thoughts have been on my work. I've been overseeing two departments and getting ready for a regional visit. It went well, but I only had one entire day off while fighting either an allergy resurgence or a cold trying to take hold. Hopefully, I'll have a more fruitful week ahead.