Monday, September 5

On the road again...and it's another giveaway!

First things first! Richard Brandt is the winner from my giveaway last Monday. Thanks to everyone for coming by and for the comments. I must admit, as a blogger, I'm always pleased with the number of "hits" we have here, but comments are the icing on the cake. Congratulations, Richard!

Second thing! Happy Labor Day. As someone who was a union member for 30 years (US Postal Service), this day is special to me.

And now on to this week's blog. Does anyone know what time it is? Well, Nan and I certainly do, because we've been talking about it all summer. Come tomorrow morning--I'm writing this on Sunday--we're headed back to Michigan for a week or so, leaving our husbands with more peace and quiet than they'll know what to do with. We have been so blessed not only to be friends but to be good travel companions, too, so we're looking forward to touristing, eating, writing, brainstorming, eating, walking on the beach, scoping out lighthouses, eating... We will have fun, because we always do, and we'll check in with you every day whether you want us to or not.
From last year--this year will look the same!

At the end of the week, we'll draw a winner from the commenters while we were gone and give away something cool we got in Michigan. Other than the husbands who never read this blog anyway, no one is ineligible to win, so visit every day and see what we're up to. The other Wranglers have the week off--have a good time, Kristi, Margie, and Ava!

We'll have another surprise coming for you on September 17. What? Oh, I wasn't supposed to write about that one, so forget I said it, okay?

That's all for now. I should probably pack something more than the swimsuit that's lying lonely in the bottom of the suitcase right now. Nan is the packer of the pair--I'm more the, "Oh, I'll get something there" one who usually ends up borrowing from her. However, I should pack...something. But first I should get the clothes out of the dryer. And figure out which purse I want to carry. And find my passport because you just never know...

See you in South Haven!

Nan here . . . yup, we'll soon be on our way and I'm so excited I can hardly breathe. I love Michigan and sharing it with my BFF makes it even more of a treat. I'm looking forward to writing especially this trip because I so need to do this. Sarah's story is going round and round in my head and I need to process it with Lizzie and then write!  But also the eating--I'm introducing Liz to cedar-planked salmon this trip and there are tons of great farm markets and restaurants in South Haven that we can explore. Lighthouses and possibly even a day trip to Willow Bay because Liz has never been there and she totally needs to see that gorgeous little town. (You do know Willow Bay is fictional, right? Based on a combination of several little towns up near Traverse City.)

So as Liz said, we'll keep you all posted! Be sure to come by and comment each day because we're going to find something truly fun and cool for one lucky commenter.


  1. Safe travels ladies. I am looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. It looks like a good week!

  2. Have a great time! Can't wait for the post from the road. Enjoy and be safe!

  3. Be careful and have a great time. Looking forward to hearing all your exploits.

  4. Enjoy and may you write in wonderful, refreshed bursts! Will look forward to hearing about your escapades.

  5. Enjoy and may you write in wonderful, refreshed bursts! Will look forward to hearing about your escapades.

  6. Have a nice time and stay safe.