Wednesday, October 19

Found On Kristina's Desk - Again

Periodically, I look around my office space and realize - wow, it's been a while since I cleaned off my desk...and I start cleaning and realize there are things here that...shouldn't be. Today, I'm telling you what's on my desk while cleaning my desk because I also have a blog to write..You know, the old two birds/one stone thing. Although, wouldn't this be three birds/one stone? Anywho, here we go, cleaning off my desk and telling you guys what I find buried in the depths.

A sheet of Jamberry Nail Wraps (I am so, so addicted). What's weird about this is the sheet is filled with only the tiny bits of wraps left over after cutting/filing the excess. Why do I keep this stuff? *trashes*

A band-aid. Still in its wrapper, thank goodness, or I might scare you guys. *saves for later*

My Tom-Tom Multisport watch. And my defunct VivoFit II. These have actually only been on my desk since Monday, when I brought it here to charge post-workout. And I'm using it again on Friday, so I should just leave it here, right? *saves* And an aside, I'm wearing my Apple Watch...and I've never really been a watch girl, but here I am. One girl, three very different watches.

My fortune from a few weeks ago when RadioMan and I went to the Chinese restaurant. That's a picture of it above. You guys know how I love fortunes, this one, though, I think I'm going to keep for a while...I like the message! PS: Margie, that coaster under the fortune is still my's with me every day and I love it! *saves*

A used (and also expired) rewards certificate from DSW. Boots people, I loves the boots...but since I've already redeemed this one... *tosses it into the trash*

Unsharpened pencils with no erasers. Why are pencil erasers so flimsy all of a sudden? These erasers fell out as soon as bebe opened the package. Mental note: do not buy this brand of pencils again. *trashes*

bebe's stack of books she bought at the book fair this week (we kept her to four, I'm not quite sure how). She was supposed to put them on her bookshelf, but apparently my desk got in her say. *saves*

My first iPod Touch...which is basically useless now because it's operating system is so old...but I can't get rid of it because RadioMan and bebe had it engraved and the message is...funny and sweet and silly and it makes me smile. *saves*

There is more, but I'm tired of cleaning up I have a book to write so the rest of the mess will have to wait. What is on your desk that makes you smile?


  1. The Christmas mug my pens are in. I don't remember where I got it, but it's...Christmas. :-) And cool stuff for the IRWA Retreat coming up in November that I can't tell about, but it' stuff. Am I being redundant here? Back to writing the book.

    1. secrets?!? There can be no secrets here - spill!!! :D

  2. A couple of months ago, I bought a little box at Micheal's that says, "Don't give up your daydream." and it sits beside my computer as a constant prompt.

    1. love that saying - I'm seeing it a lot on Pinterest...I may have to go find that box for myself, Margie!

  3. I laugh because I too love DSW's boots and have their coupons all over my kitchen island, it hasn't made it to my desk yet ;) I have 5000 sticky notes all over my desk that are supposed to help remind me of things, obviously they get lost and I don't remember. I also have 10 black sharpies, because they are another thing I am obsessed with!