Saturday, October 29

My Four-Legged Colleagues

I’d like to introduce you to my colleagues at the day job. No, not my human colleagues, though they’re a pretty great bunch. I’d like you to meet some of my four-legged buddies.

We have a dog friendly office and so some of my colleagues enjoy bringing their pets to work. Some only come occasionally, but a couple come every day. There are some rules. The dogs stay in their owners’ offices; no running wild and free. Mostly. I love having them with us. There’s nothing like a little cuddle or a wet doggy smooch in the middle of the day to help lower the blood pressure and give a laugh.

Huey getting some work done at the office.
Our little friend Huey has been coming to the office the longest. He’s just the sweetest guy and always lets us know when someone enters the office. No need for a doorbell when we’ve got Huey! He also likes climbing up on the desk and barking at anyone who dares walk by the window. One of Huey’s favorite treats is apple, so I always save a bit to share with him.

Abby the Pomeranian
Abby doesn’t come to work every day, but it’s always a treat to see her. I mean, look at that cute face! She’s four pounds of pure adorableness. Fun fact about Abby: she had some dental issues, so all her teeth had to be extracted, except for one, which looks cute and ridiculous at the same time!

Aero, the "parti" animal
Aero is the newest and youngest member of our little band and he’s Huey’s adopted brother. While Huey was rescued from a shelter, Aero is a purebred Standard poodle. Fortunately, he doesn't flaunt his superior breeding over the rest of us. Because of his brown and white coloring, he’s called “parti” or “confetti” colored. He's a very handsome, sweet boy.

On a sad note, we lost our beloved Indigo (Indy) this past summer. She was a Mastiff, also rescued from a shelter, and despite her size, she was the sweetest, most chill dog you could ever hope to meet. Even though she belonged to our colleague Michelle, we were all saddened by her passing. We’ll always remember you, Indy.

Lou with her favorite thing - food.
Though I have a dog, I don’t bring her to work. Lou is getting pretty old, fourteen now, and she’s not a big fan of travelling in the car. Nor does she play well with others. The one time I did bring her to work, she couldn’t settle and wouldn’t stay in my office. And then she peed on Huey’s bed. That was it for me. I think Lou is much happier at home in her own bed.

So that’s our little group. It’s fun to work in an office where dogs are welcome. It wouldn’t work for every office, but because we're a small office and we don’t get a lot of visitors (aside from the dreaded postman), and because we all love dogs, it’s perfect for us.

What’s unique about your workplace?


  1. Although I'm not a dog person, I would love the vibe having pets there would give to a workplace. When Nan and I were on vacation, there was a clothing shop that had a cat in a basket in the window. I think more people paid attention to the cat than to the items on display (which were, in my case, prohibitively expensive ).

  2. Funny, I too was thinking of the cat in the shop in South Haven when I read this. I think if all the workers are good with pets being there, it does give a cozy vibe. Like Liz, too, I'm not much of a dog person, but I totally respect folks who love their critters.

  3. Yes, this wouldn't work if we didn't all love dogs. But then we work for the veterinary association so most of us wanted to work here because we love animals. I have to tell you, when the day isn't going so well, it's nice to be able to visit with the dogs and get in a little cuddle.