Saturday, November 19

An American Thanksgiving

In honor of American Thanksgiving next week, I thought I’d give thanks for things I’m thankful for and that make me happy. Aside from the big things, like family and friends and good health, which I talked about in October when I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks for a few of those little things that make life a joy. Here’s my list, in no particular order.

The Weather – This November has been amazing up here in the great white North, mainly because it’s not white with snow. My birthday is November 5, and some years it’s pretty darn cold with plenty of snow. But this year was warm and sunny. As I write this, our grass is still green, which is really weird, but totally wonderful.

My Dog – I’ve had Lou, my Terrier/Pug cross for twelve years, since she was a year and a half old. She’s a senior citizen now, and a little crankier than she used to be (okay, a lot crankier). But she still likes to cuddle on the sofa, and still greets me at the door like I’m the best thing since sliced bread (or the doggie equivalent), so I’m going to enjoy the time we have together.

Not my dog.

This is my dog! In real life, she doesn't have weird green eyes.
Coffee – Oh, how I love you. We got a Keurig machine not long ago, and I cannot express my joy in words that do it justice.

Chocolate – See above, except for the Keurig machine part. Unless we’re talking mocha.

Food – Love food, which comes in handy at Thanksgiving when it’s considered okay to stuff yourself.
Fresh Flowers – I got two bouquets of fresh flowers for my birthday. There’s something about seeing their sunny faces that makes me happy. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.

Reading – This is one of the true joys of my life. Reading allows me to go on a journey and have an adventure without leaving the comfort of my home. Reading other people’s work helps to inspire my own writing.

Sleep – Good, solid, restful sleep is something we take for granted until we’re deprived of it. I am so thankful for those nights when I get eight hours of blissful rest.

Day dreaming - I love day dreaming. I can imagine what life would be like if I won big in the lottery, or dyed my hair purple (never going to happen, btw). Day dreaming is where many of my plots come from. Imagine how dull life would be if we didn't have imaginations.

Taking a Break – The Word Wranglers are taking a much needed break to celebrate Thanksgiving. And of course I'm thankful for being part of this group. We’ll see you after the holiday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

These are just a few of the little things I’m thankful for. What’s on your list?


  1. Great list, Jana. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  2. I love your list, Jana! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Wranglers! Enjoy your turkey and see you all in a week!

    1. See you in a week, Nan! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy American Thansgiving to you, Jana! I'm thankful for my hubby and kiddos, Bob Evans for making my Thanksgiving meal for me so I can better enjoy my time with family (and have fewer dirty dishes!), and chocolate as well!

    1. Fewer dirty dishes? That's truly something to be thankful for! Have a great Thanksgiving, Ava!