Tuesday, November 29

Holiday Fun

I was wandering around the Internet yesterday, something I rarely do. My tolerance for boredom is pretty low, so I don't spend a bunch of time on Facebook or Twitter or clicking links on websites. I have a few blogs I read regularly and I'm checking FB and Twitter much less since I removed them from my phone, which means I'm probably missing some stuff. But hey, lightning hasn't struck for my not being up on the latest trends, so I'm going to assume it's all okay.

In my wandering, I found a fun Christmas Quiz, so I thought it might be fun to make one of my own--a few nosy questions you all can answer in the comments if you're inclined. Here we go:

Real tree or artificial?  My Answer: artificial--I am just too old to sweep pine needles out of my carpet for months on end.

When do you put your tree up?  My answer: That changes every year depending on how much work I have post-Thanksgiving, whether or not we're heading to the kids' house for the holidays, and how inspired I am to decorate. Usually it happens sometime between December 1 and December 15. 

 In the same vein, when you do take your tree down?  My answer: On the first sunny day after New Year's. What's sadder than Christmas decorations hanging around in February?

White lights or colored? My answer: colored . . . except, and boy is this embarrassing, we bought a new pre-lit tree last year and I can't remember if the lights are white or colored. Ack! I may have to get back to you on this one.

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?  My answer: No question--hot chocolate because egg nog is just nasty. (Don't tell Husband I said that!)

Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?  My answer: Both! Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas morning--just Husband and me, Christmas Day, his family. 

 Favorite holiday movie?  My Answer: man, that's a tough one--it's a tie between Love Actually, Holiday Inn, and White Christmas. But there's probably six others I could name that we never miss watching each year.  

I'd love to hear your answers just for fun!

 Here's your bonus for playing along--a picture of Grandboy covered in his mom's Thanksgiving blueberry pie. You're welcome!


  1. I love quizzes, since I'm no longer in school and can't flunk biology because of them!

    1. Artificial, but the new one is flocked, so still the mess.
    2. Thanksgiving weekend if there's time, the following week if there's not.
    3. Sometime after Christmas day--as early as the 26th or as late as the 1st week of January.
    4. I like both, but the roommate prefers white.
    5. Both. Especially if the eggnog is...er...flavored. Or maybe enhanced would be a better word.
    6. Christmas morning.
    7. The Alastair Sim version of A Christmas Carol, or, like you, a half-dozen others. All old.

  2. What a fun quiz!
    1) Growing up, we had real. As a lazy adult, I have fake.
    2) Whenever I can after Thanksgiving. Looks like this year it will be this weekend.
    3) After the new year. I drag my heels cuz I love the festiveness, but know it's lame to have them up after Christmas.
    4) Growing up, we had elegant white. Now with kiddos, we have colored. I love the playfrul, gum-drop feel of them!
    5) uh, wine.
    6) Christmas day. We don't have extended family gatherings to require more.
    7) Growing up, we watched "Bells of St Mary's." It's not a holiday movie, but has a funny manger scene. My personal favs are "Charlie Brown Christmas" and the iriginal Grinch. One year, the kiddos watch Rudolf the whole month of July.

  3. How fun! I'll play along, too:

    1 - fake tree, although I love the smell of fresh pine
    2 - usually the Sunday after Thanksgiving
    3 - usually the day after Christmas - I know, I know, what about New Years? But once the presents are out from under it...it just looks odd to me.
    4 - multi-colored inside - but outside the house, I want white!
    5 - hot chocolate (we hit the jackpot in Amish Country over the weekend and got a huge tub of it - yummy!)
    6 - 1 present Christmas Eve, the rest Christmas morning
    7 - Gosh, there are so many. I love The Holiday (and watch it throughout the year, not just at Christmas) and Miracle on 34th Street (the original) and It's a Wonderful Life...and A Christmas Story is right up there, too...

  4. Loving all this insight.

    1--While I feel it's almost sacrilegious to have a fake tree in the Evergreen State--because of Moxie-the-menace, we put KB's 4.5 ft fake tree on a table last year and we'll be doing that again this year.

    2--Depends on my schedule..hopefully I'll get it up Thursday/Friday.

    3--Usually right after Christmas. KB's birthday is early January so we have to shift into birthday mode.

    4--Multi-colored! Love them.

    5--Egg nog when it's cut with coffee. Otherwise hot chocolate. My dream is to one day have hot chocolate ala Chocolat--the movie.

    6--Both. We celebrate with my family on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning, we have our family breakfast and opening presents.

    7--Love, Actually and When Harry Met Sally are my must watches. And I enjoy having the Hallmark channel on just because. It's a Wonderful Life is my favorite classic.

  5. Love quizzes!
    1. Artificial tree, though every now and then we get a real tree just for the smell.

    2. Whenever I get inspired to put up the tree. I'm hoping inspiration hits me this week because I like to have it up for a couple of weeks.

    3. For sure, by Jan.2. I love Christmas, but let's move on.

    4. Colored lights. I don't have any particular theme to my decorating. Just the lights and ornaments I've collected and loved over the years.

    5. Hot chocolate, no question.

    6. We usually open gifts on Christmas morning, but if my daughter is working a shift at the hospital on Christmas Day, we've moved up the gift opening to Christmas Eve.

    7. I love the old version of "A Christmas Carol" with the cheesy 1950s special effects. I'm also a sucker for "Love, Actually", too.

    Thanks for the quiz, Nan!