Thursday, November 3

Interesting Times

I voted. Last night, my family sat down with our mail-in ballots and went over the candidates and issues in our state, made our decisions, and mailed our ballots. I am so glad to have that over and done with. Phew...

And I must say, I am so thankful to live in a state where all voting is done via the mail. For one thing, who really does the research on the community issues beforehand? I know we didn't. And if you vote in a booth, you can't really pull out your pamphlet or research on the internet to help you decide. Or you know, confer with the family. LOL

So, thank you, Washington State for being ahead of the curve. Maybe I voted for it years ago, I'm not sure. Hey, does that make me ahead of the curve?? Mmmm

We are living in interesting times. Some might say we are on the crux of great change. And it depends on your own opinion as to whether it's good or bad things coming our way. But, either way, we are witnessing history.

I've always thought I could survive an apocalypse, but I didn't think it would come about via an election. I imagined the big earthquake we've been warned about since I was a kid would be what sent me into the apocalypse. Or an ice age or global warming or---but an election??? Didn't see that one coming, I must say. The saying about truth being stranger than fiction certainly applies this year.

Speaking of witnessing history, how about that game? While I'm still waiting for our Mariners to make it to a World Series, it was thrilling to watch Cleveland and Chicago duke it out. That's the kind of world championship every sport should witness. I think it's interesting that each team played better away than home. When does that happen?

To combat all these interesting times, I'm going to go see Dr. Strange this weekend. Rather fitting, wouldn't you say? I think he should cure just about any sort of lingering doomsday melancholy. 




  1. The times are interesting, aren't they? Some days they seem horrifying, but this year's World Series made them feel hopeful, too.

  2. As exciting as it was for the Cubs to win after 108 years, I have to admit I didn't watch as closely once the Toronto Blue Jays got knocked out by Cleveland. Two years in a row they miss going to the World Series! I'm hoping third time's the charm.

  3. Like Liz, I'm trying to look for the hope. I've seen a lot of people change their minds this election cycle - to be less judgmental and more accepting. Not all of them, but a handful, and that gives me hope, too.