Thursday, January 5

A Year In a Word

by Margie Senechal
So, in a Wrangler tradition, I reject the idea of resolutions and embrace the word. Ironic that writers choose to live by a word, isn't it?

As this year dawned, I considered my choices and watched as my peers announced theirs.

Author Holly Jacobs--Liz lifted the idea from her, I do believe--chose Hope. "Revolutions are built on Hope," so says Rogue One.

Our own Liz chose "Listen." Yesterday, Kristi shared that she had chosen "Grow". Last year my word was Now and the year before Determined.

So, this year, I tried to think of what I wanted to accomplish. And before I tell you, I'm going to tell you the words I considered.

Magic--because who doesn't want a bit more magic in their lives? And it's about finding the magic in the moments that you are given. Magic isn't always obvious in the situation, sometimes you have to hunt to find it.

Focus--as a world-class procrastinator, I could use a little focus. But then,

Complete--did you notice the procrastinator comment in the previous sentence. So complete would've been good. But, like a resolution, I fear it would stumble and fall.

Bliss--as in find my bliss, follow my bliss...

And then--drumroll--there was MORE.

As in, 
Do More. Be More. 
Live More. Save More.
Write More. Read More.
Laugh More. Listen More.

It goes with everything. 


What a great word!

Happy New Year. And may you be blessed with MORE.


  1. oooh, great word for the year - and great reasons to have chosen it. I kinda wish I had. ;D

    1. Word envy. LOL I love your word as well and you can put them together. Grow More.

  2. More pie... More wine... More backrubs... That's a GREAT word, Margie! I love it!

    1. LOL I didn't even consider those choices, Ava.

  3. Last year, my goal/word was 'Promote More'....this year it seems to be 'Write/Publish More', since I'm a year past my deadline on a book. Maybe 'Create' is mine??? I'll take more wine also, Ava!

  4. I love the word, Margie. Magic was my word one year, and I have to admit it was my favorite, but I think More is a great one!

    1. I remember, Liz--and it was my turn for word envy!

  5. Great word, Margie. I definitely want more!

    1. Lol.See, More goes with everything.

  6. Margie, Magic is a very, very good word! I hope your year is filled with it! I'm so thrilled to see my Word of the Year tradition spreading!


  7. More is a great word, Margie. May your 2017 be filled with MORE of everything lovely! Hugs!