Friday, January 6

Ain't no Friend to Me

Welcome to 2017. As the Word Wrangler Friday gal, I like to end everyone’s week on a happy note. Or at least try to turn a frown upside down and look at the positive side of life. Not sure I can pull that off this time.

If you venture at all into social media, you’ve no doubt seen how much people hated 2016 and were looking forward to a clean slate with a new year. Not me… I loved 2016. It was the year I published my first (and second!) book. A HUGE milestone and accomplishment, and not something I ever want to forget or let others diminish. Friendships were rekindled and strengthened. I’m nearly half-way through the family’s orthodontia commitment. And I went on some fabulous vacations with my loved ones. 2016 was awesome.

I don’t like to talk politics, but suppose I have to address the 500-pound gorilla in the room known as the election. I think I’ll just say that for all those who were disappointed in the results, there were just as many who were happy (the same goes for any election, regardless of who wins)… The pendulum of change swings to and fro–always has and always will—and no election results will change the core of my values. Nor will it change who I call “friend,” and I have plenty of those on both sides of the aisle. Funny how we still manage to find common ground and enjoy each other’s company.

Since I didn’t hate 2016, I looked to 2017 with the same hope and wonder as any year… only to be thwarted. We’re a scant six days into it, and already the year has been filled with illness, death, disease, heartache, and the re-opening of painful doors from my past I thought were locked up tight and buried. Maybe He has a Plan for me this year that differs from the one I laid out for myself (boy-howdy, does it differ!), but I’d like to take this moment to tell 2017 to suck it. I don’t like you. hashtag GoF***Yourself.

Perhaps 2017 will be a year of personal growth and making amends with hurts from the past and realizing that life is fleeting so I appreciate it even more than before blah blah blah. Yeah, maybe. But that doesn’t mean I have to embrace it with open arms and a heartfelt “I’m so glad to see you.” 2017, you might get a begrudging fist-bump from me by the end, but I can tell I’m going to be dodging shitbags for most of it.

So, my word for the year is a four-letter one. Actually, a string of them. Give me some time; I’ll find a way to turn this frown upside down. I’m a survivor, and that’s what we do.


  1. I'm glad you had a good 2016 and I hope 2017 gets better as it goes along. Hugs and atta girls from this corner, because you're a good heart and a good soul and you will persevere.

  2. You definitely had great moments in 2016! I'm sorry you're 2017 has gotten off to a rough start...hang in there!

  3. Oh, baby--don't you just hate when it feels like the universe is trying to teach you something you aren't prepared for or interested in learning? It does that, dammit! Hold tight and lots of hugs for the tough beginning of 2017--it'll get better. And make sure that all the relationship choices are yours and made because it's what you want. Doesn't work otherwise, trust me. Love ya, baby!

  4. Been there, had that start to the year. 2003, to be exact. My best advice is don't ask, "What more can go wrong?" Because Karma answers.

    And then, trust that it will okay. Even though it was a tough year, in the grand scheme of things, it forced me to make big changes in my life that improved my life exponentially. And I wouldn't be who or where I am right now, without that year.