Wednesday, February 15

On Bingeing and Old Favorites - @AuthorKristina Knight

The cast of The West Wing
We're getting ready to cut the cord in our house. 

A couple of years ago, we got our first Apple TV device - it's kind of like a cable box except it doesn't cost us anything (you know, after we bought it at the store). I'd known about Netflix and Hulu before we bought the Apple thingie, but I could never really get comfortable watching either of them on my computer. It wasn't the same, sitting at my desk and streaming something. Once the Apple TV was in place, though, I totally got the excitement about streaming. 

I could sit on my sofa or in my favorite chair, and I could watch...well, whatever I wanted. I discovered (gasp) that I'm a. . .a. . .a binger! I watched entire seasons of old favorite sitcoms like Family Ties and Friends. I found a whole section of old movies (Woman of the Year, Awful Truth) that I adored (seriously, did anyone have as much pluck as Katherine Hepburn or Irene Dunn?). And then I discovered things that were completely new to me - shows like Reign (a fun take on Mary Queen of Scots), the Full House reboot Fuller House (did you know Netflix is also re-booting One Day At A Time? Can't wait to watch that!), House of Cards and Newsroom (Jeff Daniels is the BEST is that show!). 

A couple of weeks ago I rediscovered the beauty of The West Wing. And I've decided (once again) that Aaron Sorkin is a genius. He writes fast, and he writes witty, and he writes like we talk. Even references I don't quite get the first time around, I understand because of the context that he uses...and then when I figure out the reference, I giggle madly again...and restart the binge.

When RadioMan mentioned actually cutting the cord of cable (or in our case DirecTV), my entire body tensed. I mean, what if I missed something amazing, sensational. . .bingeworthy? I seriously started feeling queasy, even though I rarely watch anything on TV that isn't either DVR'd or streaming. And then I remembered, even if I miss the next best thing since The West Wing on cable...I could always find it in a couple of months. And - beauty part! - I could binge it. 

What about you? Do you binge watch?


  1. Oh, I loved the Newsroom! Do I understand that Netflix is doing a remake? Jeff Daniels was amazing in that one! And I binge-watched West Wing last summer, although since Chipperish is going to podcast it starting in March, I think I'll rewatch the whole thing. Try Gilmore Girls--fun, sassy writing. And seriously, if you haven't seen Downton Abbey yet--try it. Amazing storytelling and gorgeous period costumes and sets.

    1. Loved the Gilmore's - I think they need to do another Year in the Life...because I *need* to know about the baby-daddy! Downton Abbey is on my list to start...just as soon as I'm through the latest round of The West Wing. :D

  2. I WANT the Newsroom. I've never seen an entire episode! The West Wing is my favorite TV show ever--I have all the seasons and Season One will hardly play anymore... I've also watched Murder, She Wrote from beginning to end. I love the gentleness of it--can a murder show be gentle? :-) Good luck with cutting the cord--I'd do it in a heartbeat, but the roommate wouldn't be willing.

  3. If you love Aaron Sorkin, try Sports Night--it had Peter Krause, Josh Charles, Felicity Huffman and Sorkin's rapidfire dialogue.

    If you haven't watched The Last Ship, I highly recommend that one. It has Eric Dane--McSteamy--and Adam Baldwin(Jane from Firefly)and is about a Navy ship that might hold the cure to a world-wide pandemic. Navy men..mmmmm

    So, a question, can you get live sports through the fire-stick? Because being able to watch the Blazers, football, and baseball seems to be a must in my house. Not for me, but others. LOL

    1. Yep - all the leagues have their own passes..and through our cell provider, we can stream them for free.

      I remember Sports Night - very funny show! I'll give The Last Ship a try some time soon.

  4. I'm afraid to start binge-watching. I think it would be like me and potato chips; once I started I wouldn't be able to quit. We have NetFlex and my husband watches religiously. I've watched a few movies, but so far I'm staying strong.