Wednesday, February 1

Spotlight on A.D. Ellis

Ava here! Kristi is on a cruise this week, the lucky gal! In her place, we’re taking the opportunity to promo a fellow writer whose latest book came out last week. Book releases are SOOOOoooo exciting!!

A.D. Ellis, award-winning author of the contemporary Torey Hope and Torey Hope: The Later Year Series, now writes male/male romance. Tomorrow’s release is the fifth in her Something about Him series.

M/M romance is a growing genre with primarily female readers. Even so, A.D. strives to make her romance realistic, and balances the expectations of her heterosexual female readers with those of her homosexual male friends. In her words, “I ask them A LOT of questions about how certain scenes would go.”

I’ll admit I’ve wondered how a woman can write realistic homosexual male characters, especially the more intimate scenes. Let’s face it: we don’t have the “stuff” to know what that might feel like. But then again, we authors often write the point-of-view of multiple characters (male and female) and often write characters who are uncharacteristic to our own personalities… if we didn’t all our characters would be the same. Wouldn’t that be über-boring!

When asked why she writes M/M romance, A.D. has a simple answer: Why not? “I love love, plain and simple. I want to celebrate that love. To me, there's nothing more beautiful than two people finding their perfect match, nothing else matters. And, two hot guys together can be SMOKIN' HOT. I'm just sayin'.”

Mmmmm, two hot guys…

About A.D.’s new release, “Ryker & Gavin”:
Gavin Mitchel has resigned himself to a lonely and unfulfilling love life, but his first meeting with Ryker Hudson is as steamy as it is random, which is precisely the way Ryker likes it. Their second meeting, while equally random, is beyond awkward.
Although a fourteen-year age difference stands in their way, a much larger obstacle is also blocking their path. Together, Ryker and Gavin must find the strength to overcome the roadblocks or bid farewell to their happily ever after.
Sneak Peek:
Running a hand through his dripping wet hair, I cupped his face and brought his sexy, satisfied eyes to meet mine. “That was amazing. You’re amazing.” I kissed him, teasing, sucking, stroking his tongue with my own.
“Yes, it was. And, yes, you are.” Ryker chased my tongue, deepening the kiss. “Now, I’m pretty sure you promised me breakfast.”
Laughing, I pulled away from him so I could dry off. “Let me get you some clothes.”
When we were both dressed, I led Ryker to the kitchen. “You want something here, or would you rather go out for breakfast?”
Ryker wrinkled his nose, “If we go out, I can’t stay in your sexy sweatpants with no shirt.”
“This is true,” I winked. He looked absolutely adorable in my sweats, and his smooth chest and abs were definitely a fine sight for the morning.
“Let’s eat here,” Ryker opened the refrigerator. “How about you throw on a shirt and go get us some coffee while I cook something here?”

(Yep, I'm fanning myself already :-)
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  1. Howdy A.D! Thanks for sharing your book with us!

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  3. Thanks for being our guest, A.D. And thanks for the insight into writing M/M romance.