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When the best laid plans go awry… becoming an Indie Author by Zoe Mullins

The Wranglers welcome Zoe Mullins to the round corral today! (Sorry, Zoe, I can't find the um laut!)

When I was in high school, I had a dream. That dream was to become a writer, and I succeeded in making a career out of it – more or less. I was a successful public relations writer. News releases, newsletters, annual reports, advertising copy and video scripts. I wrote it all. And on vacation, I toyed with fiction, and did nothing with it.

Until five years ago when I decided I was going to get serious – finish a book, and submit it. I began submitting in 2014 and in summer 2015, my first book was published. This was quickly followed by a novella and another novel. I was hooked, this is what I wanted to do. I knew it would be hard, require sacrifice, but it was what I wanted. I gave up my ‘day’ job and put heart and soul into writing.

Then my publisher went out of business. I was lucky. Even though I lost the majority of the royalties I was owed, the publisher returned my book rights to me and even allowed me to keep my cover art - so I could republish my books. (I’ve heard horror stories about this taking months or years, whereas I only had to wait 10 weeks before I could get my books back out there.)

But how was I going to do that? Self-publishing? The thought filled me with dread.

I admit, as a reader, I had a strong bias against self-published authors. Unless it was an author I trusted, I worried about the quality. Was I going to get my money’s worth? Was it going to be full of typos? If a publisher didn’t believe in their work – how could I?

Well, by the time this happened last fall, I wasn’t quite as big a snob. I was excited and terrified to join their ranks. Self-publishing. OMG!

The learning curve is/was steep. When you are published by a small digital press you are already on the hook to be your own promoter/marketer and as an introvert who doesn’t like to talk about herself, that’s hard enough. But there is so much more to learn – Formatting. Distribution. Pricing. Financial crap in general, my dislike of which is one of the reasons I work with letters not numbers.

But I learned you can do it. With or without $’s you can rely on the kindness of fellow authors who will walk you through the process. There are books and blogs you can read. And there are businesses that have sprung up to support the independent author. Formatters. Editors. Designers. And yes, even promoters.

So even after my publisher announced they were closing, I kept working on the third book in my series, and embraced the opportunity to rebrand my novels – now collectively known as the Men of Steele series. While learning how to navigate self-publishing, I kept myself sane and reasonably calm, by doing what I love. By writing.

I have some projects in the works that I may still submit to more traditional publishers but today. I’m on my own. It’s a change but it’s also given me a chance to try out a new identity – not Zoë Mullins – Author … but Zoë Mullins – Indie Author. It a small change but it’s kind of sexy (wink, wink).

Finding Dani (Men of Steele – Book Three) – Available Now


Smart. Sexy. Successful. Sayid has it all, including a bevy of young subs willing to serve him. He should be happy, but he can't shake the feeling that something is missing. He doesn’t expect the quirky, outspoken artist that he meets on sabbatical to be the cure for his melancholia. 

Meeting a sexy Dom wasn't high on Dani’s priority list. She has enough trouble finding time to sleep and work around her infant daughter’s schedule. She is focused on starting a new life in St. Augustin and a new design business. Then he walked into her studio.

It wasn't what either of them were expecting but it may be just what the doctor ordered.

Reader Advisory: Grab a glass of wine and put the kids to bed. This story contains an experienced Dom and a single mom who is ready for some ‘me’ time. Graphic sexual language and scenes are expected.




A prolific writer, even in elementary school, Zoë was forever jotting down poems and stories whenever she had the chance - usually during math class. After years of working in corporate communications, she decided to refocus on the kind of writing she loves – sexy, hot romances with quirky heroines, hunky heroes and of course, happily-ever-after endings.

She and her husband of nearly 20 years live in Atlantic Canada with their fur-babies (two dogs - Moxie and Karma). When not at her desk you can find her at her favorite yoga studio, camping by the lake or renovating their money-pit of a house. You can keep up with Zoe, what she’s working be it books or home renovations by signing up for her Quarterly Newsletter.

Twitter: @zoe_writer
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  1. Welcome, Zoe, and good luck with your new venture!

  2. Welcome, Zoë ! All the best with indie pubbing--I'm indie-pubbed and I warn you, it's work, but you can be proud of what you've accomplished when it's all said and done.

  3. Hello to a fellow Canadian! I'm contemplating a move to self-publishing, too, and the idea is daunting. Love your cover, btw. Best of luck!