Tuesday, March 21

It's All About the Lists . . .

So, Liz started us off and now I'm chiming in with the list thing. (I even considered stealing her cool graphic, but I found one of my own, compliments of Google Images and www.stevenjameskeathley.etsy.com, who has some awesome journals in his etsy store.) It's always fun and a great way to do a blog when you're really not feeling it. I'm not feeling it today, so here goes my list:
  1. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or SnapChat? And why?
  2. Your first kiss, when and where?
  3. Writers: What's the first thing you edit out of a book?
  4. If you took a bicycle trip, where would you go?
  5. What secret talent do you have?
Here are my answers:
  1. Right now, nothing--but when it's not Lent, Facebook--I just can't seem to say it in less than 140 characters, and I'm not up for learning Instagram or SnapChat.
  2. I was six and Bobby Franklin kissed me because I was crying when I smashed my finger in an aluminum lawn chair. I think he thought it would make me feel better. It might have, but I still had to have stitches and the nail on that finger has never looked right.
  3. Back story--info dump queen here. Yeesh!
  4. Provence. We did a bicycle trip to Versailles when we were in Paris. Man, was that fun!!
  5. I am a fantastic pie maker--seriously. My pies are amazing. 
 I've read 17 books so far in 2017, and I'm including ones I've edited because I do read them when I edit--three separate times if the truth be told. Right now I'm reading Lise McClendon's cozy mystery series, The Bennett Sisters. Great fun! Not only do the sisters have the same name as my maiden name, but the books happen in France. Tres bien!

I've finished one baby blanket, made Liz a fabulous colorful scarf, and am starting a new baby blanket tonight. Knitting rocks, even when you're doing it wrong. ;-)

I miss you all on social media--just 27 more days to go! Have a great Tuesday, everybody!


  1. Okay, here we go...
    1. Facebook. I'm on Twitter, but barely. FB is where I lean over the back fence and talk to the neighbors.
    2. Fan bus in junior high. Nice guy, nice memory.
    3. The 437 time I use the words just, look, and though in the first chapter.
    4. Somewhere flat and scenic.
    5. It's not a secret, really, nor may it be considered a talent outside my family, but my chili is to die for.

    Fun list, Nan! And, yes, my scarf is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for playing, Liz! So happy you like the scarf! Hugs!

  2. My answers ---
    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or SnapChat? And why? --- I like Instagram the best - pretty pictures for the win! But I use all of them except SnapChat...

    Your first kiss, when and where? ---- On the bus on the way to church camp...yes, I was a rebel! Kissing on the church bus!

    Writers: What's the first thing you edit out of a book? ---I usually have a word or two that are overused (that, just) .. and I know as I'm drafting that I'm overusing, but in the draft I want to get it down quickly, so I keep going with the overuse and look for 'em later.

    If you took a bicycle trip, where would you go? --- Oooh, fun. Um...anywhere in Ireland!

    What secret talent do you have? --- I'm not sure how much of a secret it is, but I make seriously good brownies.

  3. Kristi, anyone who makes good brownies is very gifted! Ireland is definitely on my list for bike trips! Thanks for playing!

  4. Okay, here goes:
    1. Probably Twitter. I'm getting good (I think) at telling a little story with hashtags.

    2. You know, I honestly can't remember. It probably happened junior high school, but obviously it wasn't memorable.

    3. I always need to remove my overused words, like "just", "that", "nodded", "smiled". For some reason, my characters nod and smile a lot.

    4. Kristina stole my answer. I'd love to do a bike trip to Ireland. Is Ireland flat? I hope so.

    5. I'm an awesome singer - in the shower when no one's listening!

  5. Fun list!
    1. Facebook. I always feel like I've been left out of the conversation on Twitter. Kinda like high school. LOL
    2.Shane Benedito or something like that. Third grade in the basement of government housing in Iceland.
    3.Generally for me, after I finish a book, I have to add more than take out. The words just and that might be the exception.
    4.I want to go biking with you in Provence!
    5. Remembering dates--specifically birthdays. And random ones, not just my family and friends.

    Once at bunco, we had a sub who was girl I'd gone to high school with--we were pretty good friends in school but hadn't really kept in touch. So, we were partners and talking and she asked me about my girls. And for some reason, it hit me out of the blue that she shared KB's birthday. And I said, "My daughter's going to be twenty-one on your birthday!" She stared at me. "My birthday?" And I said, "Yeah, your birthday is the fifth, right? Next month?" Totally freaked her out. LOL

    It's become a joke now, because a few years later she joined our group and KB is in it as well. They always text each other on their shared birthday.

  6. List first,
    Facebook and Twitter. I barely get Twitter and the others are just too much. I do like Pinterest
    First kiss, band bus. I was a marching band geek.
    I take out all the extra punctuation when I edit. I tend to overdo commas!
    I would like to go biking through the Miami University campus - where I went to college
    My secret talent is cooking, especially recipes off Pinterest. Right now my husband is loving the One Pan Shrimp Fajita recipe I found.

    Hang on, Nan. We miss you on social media but it sounds like you are getting lots of other things done.