Friday, April 7

Author Spotlight: Aly Grady

Happy Friday! One of the great things about having a group of author friends is being able to cheer them on when they have a new release. And today, I'm cheering for writer peep Aly Grady and her new release: "A Home for Love."

Aly began her writing career with stories centered around car racing... something she knows a little bit about thanks to her husband who works for one of the local teams. She also knows what it's like to be a race widow. But that doesn't keep her from going a million miles an hour (trust me... she has enough energy for all of us!). Her latest release ventures away from the racing scene, but still gets your heart a-fluttering like a good romance is supposed to!

"A Home for Love" Blurb
Having giving up on men, Charlotte Cavanuagh devotes herself to her business and finding a new place to live.

Despite his love of family, recent losses have left Luke Anderson with no desire to start a new relationship, giving his contracting company his attention.
When Charlotte and Luke work on a customer’s home, their budding friendship results in more sparks than either of them ever expected.

In her own words:
The journey to be a writer developed from a dare. Since then, I've found I quite enjoy the process. I have the privilege of calling many talented writers a friend because of joining Romance Writer's of America. Every month I grow that much more because of them and they couldn't know how much I appreciate their generosity.

“A Home For Love” has been a labor of love for a while. My muse is an ever-talented interior designer, and it was a joy creating the world for Charlotte and Luke to find their Happily Ever After.

They say you write what you know and The Racer's Widow series was born from just that. The Sinclair Family developed from years of living and dreaming of fast cars and exotic locations.

Real life with a traveling husband, teenagers and a spunky labradoodle (Cody), constantly keeps me on my toes.

Developing the next sweeter side of a love story is a continual process. My list of story ideas grows constantly. Speaking of that, I should get back to writing.

Check her out at her social links. Then follow her (if you can keep up! ;-) And give a big cheers to my peep for her new release! It's always an exciting time! 

 Twitter: @AlyGrady