Wednesday, April 12

Impatient for Summer ~ @AuthorKristina Knight

The countdown is on - but not just for summer this time, although I can't express with words just how excited I am for summer to get here. It's been especially gray and dreary in my part of the world (although we skipped most of the ultra-cold snaps this winter), so now that the weather is finally warming up, it's nice to see the skies so blue and the clouds floating by. Even the rain isn't that bad because it brings with it greener grass and mud puddles to stomp in. Not that I stomp in mud puddles. That would be childish.

I'm looking forward to summer for a couple of other reasons, too: conferences and book releases!

In May my new series with Harlequin Superromance starts, and I can't wait to share these books with you guys. All 5 (4 full length and 1 novella) are set in a small lake town in Missouri, and they star 5 members of the state's high school football championship team. Collin, James, Levi, and twins Adam and Aiden have captured my heart...and so have Savannah (Levi's sister and Collin's girl), Mara (Collin's sister and James' girl), Jenny (Adam's estranged wife), Camden (a newcomer to Slippery Rock who falls for Levi), and Becca (another newcomer, although not quite as recent, who falls for Aiden).

Another new thing that's happening this summer: I'm attending 2 conferences! I'll be one of the authors at Lori Foster's Reader-Author Get Together in June (I'm an RAGT first-timer, so come find me if you're there...I don't want to be lonely!), and I'll be at the RWA conference in July. I'll be signing copies of my Slippery Rock books at both conferences and I'll have some fun swag, too -- like these little flash drives that will have a sampling of Famous in a Small Town on them!

Aren't they cute? And they have 8 Gigs of memory so you can store all kinds of things on, here's my pitch to you authors: if you're looking for something special to use as conference swag, take a look at the different options they have. The prices are great, and I just love these little book-shaped custom or wholesale memory drives.

One more thing I'm looking forward to this summer: Having the kiddo home! (remind me I said this around July, when she's bored of vacation, okay?) We'll spend most of the summer lazing in the pool, but we also have a couple of quilting projects on tap, and she's excited about the summer reading program at the library...and 3rd grade has been rough on her, so it will be nice to really focus our energies on helping her return to bebe-normal, if you know what I mean!

What are you up to this summer?                                                                                   ~Kristina


  1. Kristi- Congrats in the upcoming releases! I LOVE the swag!! And let's plan at least a quick meet-up at RWA this summer :-)

    1. Definitely!! And thank you - I'm really excited about this series. :D

  2. Oh, happy summer, and I like that swag, too! Have fun at the conferences and congrats on the new release.

  3. Your conferences sound like fun, fun! Enjoy! Love the swag! And happy you get some some Bebe time this summer without the stress of school.

  4. Love your swag!! And so jealous that you and Ava are going to be at RWA and get to meet! Sounds like a great summer!

  5. Wish I was going to RWA. One of these years! If anyone would like to read my review of FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN, check it out on my blog -