Wednesday, April 19

Spring Break Brain ~ @AuthorKristina Knight

It's Spring Break week here at Casa Knight, and that means eleventy-billion things are happening. Even though we aren't traveling, and we don't have any special things on our To Do list, at least nothing that requires we leave our general area. But we're still running in about fifteen directions every day. I'm not complaining, though, because it's been fun. So far. Ask me again on Friday...

What are we doing? We've made about three library runs (and that's just since last Friday when Spring Break began). We hit the local Target pretty hard because bebe had some Easter cash burning a hole in her pocket. We have play dates on the schedule with a couple of friends. Every day she's asked me drop everything to go play basketball with her in the driveway (I have, of course, fallen in line because while I suck at basketball, she really enjoys it, and that's the important thing). We've gone to lunch. We've spent a couple of afternoons on the deck swing. We've barbecued. Walked the dogs. Played a few too many video games. Had a ball tracking down Pokemon in our downtown area. Laughed and just been silly. A lot.

What haven't we done? We didn't watch the natural childbirth video she found on YouTube yesterday afternoon (she's still a little miffed about that because she 'will need to know these things someday'). There have been, to this point, no cries of 'I'm bored...what can I dooooooooo'. There have been no wet t-shirt or beer pong tournaments...although bebe was inadvertently sprayed with the hose yesterday morning while watering the flowers - I will go to my grave swearing this was a complete accident. No road trips, we're sticking close to home this year. We haven't tried geo-caching, and that is something I really wanted to do...we still have time, but I'm not sure we'll get it in. There's always summer, though, right?We haven't gone swimming - the summer season doesn't start for a few more weeks, and she hasn't been interested in hitting the Y for some free swim time. Although, she has asked - several times - when the summer season (and practices) start.

Other than the geo-caching thing, we've hit everything on our To-Do list this year, and we'll probably do a few things a few more times (like the library and the Pokemoning and the lunching and the basketballing). I don't really have a point to this post other than, it's not writing-related because it's currently 11 o'clock on Tuesday evening and I totally forgot I had a blog to write for Wednesday morning and I couldn't think of anything writerly to write're getting my spring break brain post. Wait, there's one more thing: I always think every new stage bebe goes through is my favorite - from when she started talking to walking to pre-school and now upper Elementary...and I'm always surprised when the next phase becomes my new favorite phase. And I hope it stays that way. Because having fun with my kid is my favorite phase. You know, other than having fun (ahem) with my husband..but that's a whole other blog post.

Do you have a favorite spring break memory? Share in the comments!


  1. I love the sound of your spring break! One year, we took the kids to Washington, D.C. on spring break. A couple of trips to Florida. Most times, we had to work through it and now that it's just the two of us, we NEVER want to travel then. :-) Have a great week at Casa Knight!

  2. I did daycare so most of the time I just had a houseful of rowdy kids. LOL I think just spending time together is great! Enjoy.

  3. It sounds like you and Bebe are having a ball. Enjoy. They grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday mine were her age.