Friday, May 26

"For Ryan" Cover Reveal (forJillian)

For some reason, I’m now deathly afraid of being called a fame-whore…

Instead of talking about myself today, I’m helping a writer peep out with her Cover Reveal. If you follow Jillian Jacobs at all, you know I’m a couple days late to the party. But hey, any chance to give her a shout-out makes me happy.

Jillian Jacobs is one of those writers who strives to bring everyone to the table. Wannabe, Newbie, and even Established… she knows that the author world as a whole benefits when we support each other, and that we’re not each other’s competition, we’re each other’s tribe.

Because we’re all in this adventure together, help me take a moment to congratulate Jillian on her newest release, coming out June 3rd.
“For Ryan” is the sequel to “For April,” two novella’s that tie-together the growth of two individuals who have to fight to overcome their broken pasts so they can forge a strong future… together. Charming bad-boy bartender. Rich, entitled Senator’s daughter. Yet neither is what they seem. The saying advises “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and yet it holds true for these characters as well.

My humble opinion: I’ve had the thrill of reading both of these books while in their development… They made me laugh, they made me cry. I adore Ryan (he cracks me up), and April has an inner strength I think we can all applaud.


When a senator’s daughter falls for a tattooed bad boy...she discovers she'd do anything For Ryan.

Available on all outlets Saturday, June 3rd

Be sure to read "For April": Novella Couplet, Book #1 before June 3rd. It’s 99 cents for a limited time!

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  1. Lol. Yes, Ava, be very afraid... Kristi's right, Jill--great covers and I'm sure fabulous stories to go along with them. And I want to jump on the fan-wagon with Ava; you're everything she said. Congratulations on the releases.

  2. I don't know why but "fame-whore" cracks me up...yeah, we all need to watch ourselves...

    Super covers, Jillian! Congratulations on your releases!

  3. Awe... thanks all. I giggled about the fame whore. And I think Ava needs to write my ForRyan blurb.

  4. Congrats Jillian! Looking forward to reading these:)

  5. Congratulations Jillian! Best of luck with the new novella.