Friday, June 30

My To Do List...Not Getting Done

Happy almost July! Don’t know about anyone else. But this means that my family is half-way through Summer Break. Hardly seems possible (and I haven’t told the kids yet), but the beginning of school is looming just ahead in August.

Which means my summer of playing and being unemployed is also coming to an end. Before I’ve really wrapped my arms around all the awesome possibilities available to me. Wahhh!!! I had such high hopes of projects to accomplish. Reorganizing all the digital pictures and movies we have collected since the kiddos were born. Scanning and organizing the physical pictures we have from before (waaaayyyy before) the kiddos were born. Cleaning my entire house, not just two shelves, a bathroom, and the dishes. Finishing my third book. Illustrating the children’s book I wrote. Planting flowers.

Truth is, I didn’t even make a dent in my list, and I swear I’ve been busy the entire time! Granted, I’ve accomplished a bunch of other stuff which I really don’t even care to list because it’s hardly worth the effort (like the two hours I spent getting fillings on my teeth this week). Those things weren’t on My List. They were added by hubby or by necessity or by my pretense at being a responsible adult.

Well—foot stamp!—I want more summer! I want more time to dig into My List and check off some of those big projects! An extra eight hours a day formerly reserved for a dayjob that I no longer have were handed to me on a platter, and I feel I’ve squandered the time with meaningless tasks. Curse you, dirty dishes! *Throws self to floor and wails*

I wish I could say I have all of July to hunker down and get busy on My List. But alas (places back of hand to forehead), we have vacations planned. The biggie being Disney World for family time and the RWA National Conference. Yes, I am sooooo excited for the conference (have most of my outfits planned out and purchased… at the expense of time spent on My List), and wouldn’t give up the family time for all the world. But it keeps me from My List, so there is some bittersweet angst there.

Why, oh why does the time slip away even when we mean well? It’s beyond frustrating, and I marvel at women who can juggle it all and still be… so… accomplished. These days, I’m lucky if I “accomplish” a shower and dressing in clean clothes.


  1. So with you. Ava. Time just seems to slip through my fingers and days are gone and I have no idea what happened or what I accomplished. I start every day with good intentions... But you know, the question is are you happy and are you enjoying yourself? Sounds like you are and that you're going to continue to. Have fun at conference and Disney!!

  2. The time does fly, but it sounds as if you're having fun with it, so...enjoy!

  3. That happened to me in 2014 when I left my job with a severance package. Since I haven't had a vacation since I went back to work and won't get one until next year--as I changed companies earlier this year just as I finally "earned" my vacation--I recommend you enjoy it! Lol