Monday, August 14

Gifts and givers

I think about gifts...write about them...hug them close sometimes to get through hard days. I've just had a lovely weekend with Duane, going to a place he remembers from childhood and I cherish because I've been there with him so often. The picnic at St. Theresa of Avila Church in Payneville, Kentucky is a gift in and of itself, with great food, a terrible bingo game I've never won even once, and a sense of community that enriches everyone who goes there.

As I work in the office, Duane plays music in the house. Sometimes I sit and just listen, which he doesn't like very much, and watch him. The music he shares lends depth and...yeah...richness to my life.


Being a writer, I think of words as gifts. I've read some powerful ones since we came home from Kentucky today. In case you missed them, go to Kristan Higgins' website and read about her grandfather. And the cross that was burned in his front yard.

Then run over to check in on Tanya Anne Crosby. Read about her mother. And her response to those who would treat her as less.

Did you hear Governor McAuliffe's speech directed at the white supremacists who dot our country with splotches of horror and pain and loss?

Here is yet one more place to visit, that I'm adding in later so it doesn't have a neat, titled link. Don't miss it, though. Don't miss it.

I don't have anything of my own to say today.  Just as the country I love is torn by divisiveness and  intolerance and hate, so I feel torn, too. While I'm as guilty of casting blame as anyone else, I also admit that there are no winners in the blame game.

The best thing any of us can do is be a good neighbor. That would be our best gift of all.

Hi. I'm Liz Flaherty. I hope you're having a great day. Is there anything I can do to help you?


  1. Morning, Liz! Glad to hear you enjoyed the Kentucky festival even if you didn't win at Bingo!

  2. I never win at Bingo, either. I've started and deleted about 5 other comments on the hate you mentioned. Can't find the right words...but I agree completely on the good neighbor thing.

  3. I guess this is all any of us can do--be the best reflection of light in a world that's getting pretty darn dark. Good post and hi, Liz--I'm good, thanks, can I help you in any way? ;-)

  4. Liz, this blog is a gift. Thanks for giving it.

  5. Well said, Liz. Thank you for your lovely thoughts.

    1. And thanks for the links you sent. What remarkable stories. Amazing.

  6. Thank you for those links! I had read Kristan's on Sunday--her blogs are always great. But, that Charlottesville ER nurse one was breathtaking. I hope he gets elected--our government needs more voices like his.