Saturday, August 5

In the Good Old Summer Time

Like Margie said the other day, it's hot. For the most part I love it; when winters last as long as they do in western Canada, you don't complain about a few hot days. (If you do someone will say, "Wait until January!)

So, I thought today I'd just share a few pictures from my garden and the lake, as well as my reading choices for the summer.

Since I took this picture, the corn has grown higher than the fence.
My flowers are doing well in the heat!

We went to the Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park. It was a beautiful, busy day at the beach!

We rented one of these pontoon boats and floated around the lake for an afternoon.

We went to an outdoor wedding. The beautiful bride is here with her brother, my daughter's boyfriend.

My summer reading includes THE LIAR by Nora Roberts. One of the things I'm enjoying most about the book is that in my head, I can hear the Tennessee accounts of the characters. "Bless your heart!" 


  1. Love the pictures, Jana. Happy summer.

  2. Your pics are gorgeous! The lake and pontoon bike look really good right now. Lol Really tired of this heat wave and smokey smog.