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More Change! New Change!

Happy Friday! Last week, I blogged about change and either letting it ruin your life or

dealing with it and thriving as a result. Ok, maybe that point wasn’t easily-deducted, but the timing of my topic was fortuitous: my writer friend Melanie Jayne had published the latest in her Change Series last Friday as well. In keeping with my theme, I wanted to take today and talk about her latest release. Take it away, Melanie!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share a little bit from my latest book, A Change in Perception. This is the fourth book in my Change Series. Now I know what you are thinking- I hate starting in the middle of a series. Let me assure you that I write each book so that it can be read as a stand-alone.  

Brian McGuire was friends with Crecida Wyatt’s brother in high school. Sure, he noticed her but she was so shy that he didn’t pursue.

Now they are both in their mid-thirties and become reacquainted. They work and socialize with the same group of friends. In this scene, Forde, their boss has just received a call that Cress had been treated in the E.R. for injuries. It is decided that Billie and Tye will stop by her house innocently, so that they can check on her. Brian makes the impulsive decision to go with them. He doesn’t know it yet, but he has feelings for Cress, not just concern, but so much more.

I love this scene because it gives you a glimpse into her feelings of shame, helplessness, and hopelessness. Plus, Brian’s world is going to turn upside down, but he is a protector first and foremost. I hope that you enjoy this scene.
Billie slipped past her. “Thanks Mary, we’ll take it from here.”
I followed closely behind Tye, and I felt the doctor close in behind me.
The living room was small and held a loveseat, a trunk that was used as a coffee table, and not much else. Billie headed to Cress, who was sitting against one end of the sofa. “Cress, honey, what happened?” she said, sounding as though she didn’t already know.
I had to admit, the girl had some acting skills.
Cress’s arm was mobilized in a brace that held it securely against her chest. Her expressive eyes got big as Tye and I filed in behind our leader. “I see you didn’t come alone,” she muttered.
Tye crowded in around the sofa. “This neighborhood? Cress, are you crazy?”
She dropped her gaze and adjusted the blanket covering her legs. “It’s not that bad.”
“Does your family know you’re living here?” I looked around. She didn’t have much. How could this happen?
She looked directly at me. “They don’t come over for Sunday dinner, and no, I honestly doubt they care where I live.”
Billie shot me a look that told me to shut up.
Tye took over the questioning. “Were you mugged?”
“No,” was all Cress said.
Like any good litigator, he didn’t give up easily. “Did you try to mug somebody?” His attempt at a charming smile took the sting out of his words.
“No.” This time her answer was softer.
“Can you tell us what happened?” Billie asked as she smoothed her hand over Cress’s hair. The movement caused her profile to shift, and with the light from the only lamp in the room, I could see she had a huge bruise on her left cheekbone.
Somebody had hit her in the face and that was…unacceptable.
“It’s no big deal,” Cress said, raising a hand to hide her injury.
“No big deal? Are you freakin’ nuts?” Dr. Mary exploded. She started pacing in front of the old television in the corner. “You have a knot on the back of your skull, two bruised ribs, and how your scapula isn’t fractured is a mystery to me. You said you were out for a minute. That is a big deal.” The woman stopped and glared at the patient with both of her hands on her hips. “It scared the crap out of me to see my friend come in looking like that.”
Cress’s raised her gaze to her friend. “You said yourself that I’ll be fine. I just need to take it easy for a couple of days.” Then she glanced at Billie. “I’m not sure about lifting the girls, but I’ll figure something out.”
She was worried about her job.
I’d had enough. I moved around Tye and gently muscled Billie out of her position. “Give me your mother’s number. Your family should know what’s going on,” I looked around pointedly, “with your life.”
She shook her head, and then grimaced. “Brian, don’t.”
I pulled out my phone. I figured if I couldn’t find her mother’s home phone, I would call the mortuary.
“Brian.” Her voice was sharper this time.
I looked down and met her eyes. “Cress, your mom needs to know.”
“She does know.” Her voice had gone very calm.
“So, you called her?” I wondered if she was on her way, or why Cress hadn’t had Dr. Mary take her mother’s house.
“She was there.” She enunciated each word clearly, her voice sounding like sandpaper was scraping her throat raw.
“What?” That didn’t make any sense. “Did it happen after your family meeting?” I imagined a mugging in the parking lot.
“Brian,” she said, now sounding as though she was begging.
“Give me your brother’s number then. I’ll call him.” I looked at her expectantly.
She bit her lip. “He was there, too.”
“So I’m sure he’ll want to help you.” I pushed harder.
“He didn’t do anything when it happened. In fact, I’m surprised he didn’t join in. He’s furious with me.” Cress was breathing hard. I could see her chest rise and fall, and I knew it had to be killing her ribs.
“Your mom…” I started.
She cut me off. “Who do you think did this? Huh?” She pointed at her bruised cheek, “Giselle still packs quite the punch. So, don’t call my family, okay?” she said bitterly. “They won’t come.”
I opened and closed my mouth twice as I tried to process what she’d just told us.
Either Billie or Mary exclaimed, “Cress, no.”
I spoke over them. “Get her stuff.” I felt like I was going to explode. I looked at Mary. “Pack her up.”

If that intrigues you, then check out Melanie Jayne's Change Series, and her new release "A Change in Perception."
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A Change in Perception
How could I be so wrong?
I thought Cress had it all. She was smart and beautiful, with a loving family.
She was destined for great things.
So why is she working as a nanny and living in a dump?
The truth is hard to comprehend, but I know one thing:
I’m no knight in shining armor.
But when she looks at me, I want to be.
How can I convince him?
I was never the Golden Girl, and my family was never what it seemed.
I’ve always hidden behind a shy fa├žade, doing what others
expected of me.
Brian is the brilliant lawyer. I’m a girl who couldn’t handle suffering.
He deserves better than me.
He just doesn't know it.

Melanie Jayne's Bio
Melanie Jayne lives on a grain farm in central Indiana with her husband two English Mastiffs, Ginger and Duncan Keith. Still searching for what she wants to be when she grows up, she is currently writing full-time, and has worked retail, provided services in a federal courtroom, traveled across the state to close home loans and spent eight years behind the scenes at a casino. She published her first book in March of 2015.

She enjoys sports, reading and ridiculous TV shows. She loves to meet readers and attends many signings and conventions. Please stop by and say “hello.”


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