Wednesday, September 6

#NewRelease from @AuthorKristina Knight

A new Slippery Rock book is in the wild, y'all, and I'm so excited about I'm sharing an excerpt with you today! This book was so so so hard to write - the angst was through the roof! - but that is another post for another time. Suffice it to say that after 4 false starts, about 4 rounds of edits, and a way more than 4 weeks to put some distance between Author Me and Reader Me, I'm so happy with how it turned out!

Here's a sneak peek inside the book:

Words failed him. So he tilted his head and took her mouth with his.
Her lips were warm against his, soft and yielding. He’d expected hard. Wary. The softness spurred him on. He dipped his tongue inside her mouth, tasting her. Flames of attraction replaced the uneasy feeling in his belly. Adam wrapped one arm around her slender waist and cupped her jaw with his opposite hand. She trembled, but made no move to embrace him. She didn’t draw away, though.

Adam pulled her body more firmly against his, catching his fingers in the belt loop of her jeans. A little squeak escaped her throat, then Jenny’s arms were wrapped around his neck, holding his mouth against hers. Her tongue pushed into his mouth, as if she were as hungry for him as he was for her. 

Her small fingers teased his nape. He wanted more.

Wanted to feel her body under him, not just against him. Wanted to watch her head fall back against the pillows in their big bed. He’d settle for a few more minutes like this, though, in the soft grass with the sun sinking into the lake behind them.

“Jenny,” he said against her mouth, and it was as if his voice broke the spell that had settled over the backyard. Jenny pulled away, putting her hands to her mouth.

“This isn’t a good idea,” she said, backing away from him.

Blurb for Breakup in a Small Town:

This isn't the man she married… 
Jenny Buchanan never considered what "for better or for worse" meant when she married Adam Buchanan at nineteen. Six years and two little boys later, "for worse" arrives in the form of a tornado that ravages Slippery Rock and injures Adam. Now he's a stranger to his family…and love won't be enough to bring him back. 

Only when Jenny asks him to move out does Adam become the husband she needs…but Adam isn't the only one who's changed. As their attraction sparks back to life, Jenny and Adam must learn what it is to grow up—and grow together—before this small-town breakup lasts forever.

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