Tuesday, October 17

About Promotion and Helping Each Other

Most writers I know are not necessarily great at promotion. And it's not that we aren't proud of our work and excited to share it with anyone who seems interested, but it's simply not the nature of most writers to toot their own horns. We pretty much do this stuff all alone, spending long hours in our own little worlds. Being a storyteller means we like being someone else or at least being somewhere else, so saying "Look at me!" comes hard.

However the facts are we do have to work at promotion if we're going to see anyone else read our stories. One of the great things about being a part of a community of writers is that we are all willing to help each other with the arduous task of promotion. To that end, today, I'm sending you elsewhere. Please head on over to my personal website where I'm celebrating the release of Heartwarming Holiday Wishes. starring our own Liz Flaherty!  Her story Miracle on Joyful Street is more than worth the one-click. I'm reading the others right now. But over at nanreinhardt.com, one of Liz's co-authors Leigh Riker has shared some fun stuff about Christmases that didn't quite come off as planned.


  1. great post, Nan! And I can't wait to read this one, Liz!

  2. You are definitely right about writers not being particularly good at promotion. It's far easier to toot someone else horn than my own!

    I've got my copy of the boxed set, Liz. Now if only I could find the time to read it!