Thursday, October 5

Hoping for Goodness

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by Margie Senechal

I love my country. I think we have enormous potential. And like all families, I think sometimes we get a little hung up in emotions and disagreements. 2017 is proving to be a very trying year for well, everyone, I think. It doesn't matter where you fall in the political spectrum, there is enough strife to go around.

After the incident in Las Vegas, we're reaching another boiling point. Lines are being drawn, sides are being chosen. I know which side I'm on--the same side I've always been on. I'm on the side of compromise. It's kind of like the truth--there's her story, his story, and somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

Image result for random acts of kindness ideasBut, I don't want to dwell on the battle to come. I want to focus on bringing hope and smiles to those around me--if only by holding a door open for a woman with a walker or letting a family on bikes cross in front of my car. Being kind in even the simplest things can bring satisfaction.

When my friend, Grant, died a number of years ago, I learned at his Celebration of Life, that every week after the garbage came, he'd pull his neighbor's trash cans up their driveways to their garage. Such a little thing, but so thoughtful to those around him. The week of his death, another neighbor repeated this gesture in his honor. I'd like to think the neighbor continued the gesture, but I don't know.

Today, I challenge you to brighten your day and others by performing a random act of kindness. Be the good you wish to see in the world.


  1. Thanks for this, Margie. Hugs to you.

  2. Great post, Margie--we can't hear this too often. Thanks, sweets!

  3. I agree, Margie, we all need to give more kindness.

  4. Kindness and compromise, not to mention tolerance, is something the whole world needs. Thanks for the lovely post, Margie.

    1. Tolerance. Definitely! You are most welcome.