Wednesday, October 18

#NewRelease: Falling for You Anthology from #HarlequinSuperromance authors!

It's release week for Falling for You, and I couldn't be more excited about it! First, because it's a series expansion, and second, because it has been such a joy working with the other authors in the set. We had envisioned the anthology as a spotlight for our line, Harlequin Superromance, but when we heard the line was closing, it became our send-off for the line (but don't stop buying Superromances, there will be new books out through 2018...and our backlist books will be on sale, too!).

The other thing I love about this anthology? All the stories are fall-themed --- so you'll get a peek into some small town, fall festivals, some great fall food, and if the weather is still hot in your neck of the woods, we'll transport you to a place with crisp fall breezes and falling leaves!

Do you have a favorite season?          ~Kristina

Here's a bit about the anthology:

Foreword by Brenda Novak.

When the weather cools down, hearts heat up…

Bonfires aren't the only things warming up the night. Across the land, hearts are falling along with the leaves. Curl up with a pumpkin spice latte and warm your heart with ten tales of autumn love.

It Was You by Tara Taylor Quinn:
He has no problem respecting the fact that she is off limits…until the one night he does.

The Right Man by Heatherly Bell:
When one long planned dream day veers wildly off-course, she must decide between the perfect wedding or the right man.

Her Hometown Cowboy by Claire McEwen:
Falling for him wasn’t part of her plan.

Meet Me in the Middle by Jo McNally:
She’s used to playing it safe, but when her old crush comes cruising back into town, she might have to risk it all.

Outsider in a Small Town by Kristina Knight:
She may hold the keys to his heart…and his future.

If I Fall by Kris Fletcher:
What goes up must fall…in love.

Finding Harmony by Janet Lee Nye:
Jericho was the last place she wanted to be, but it was becoming the best place for her.

Perfect Fit by Angel Smits:
She never forgot her first love…and though he never measured up, neither did he.

Home to You by Dana Nussio:
Can a woman who ran from home and a man who never had it ever hope to discover that home really is a place for hearts?

Can’t Help Falling in Love by Lisa Dyson:
She’s career-oriented. and he’s the one who just broke her boss’s heart.

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  1. And we magically have a theme this week--promo! So excited for you, Kristi! Mine is already ordered. Looking forward to the read.

  2. Mine is waiting patiently on my Kindle. Speaking of promo, the fun bunch of Superromance writers is visiting the Christmas Town page today--I'm almost sure there are giveaways involved! Stop by and say hello to a great bunch of authors!

  3. I’ve been following the thread all morning. Heading to Amazon to get my copy—

  4. I wish you all the best of luck with this box set, Kristina! Happy Promo!