Tuesday, November 7

Life's what happens... @Nan Reinhardt

...when you're making other plans. Nan's life is going to change--for the good--when her family moves back to the Midwest soon after living in California for a long time. To make sure the kids really do move, Nan and Jim are spending some days helping them with the move. So Nan says. This is the only picture I've seen. You be the judge. :-)

In case you don't have it yet, don't miss getting your copy of Saving Sarah. It's a good, empowering story, the Wranglers' favorite kind!

Nan will be back next week, although she'll be on the road again. Wait and see where!



  1. I think the kids are bribing Nan with wine to help them move! More pics like this and I might offer my services as well ;-)

  2. I see they're packing the essentials. Sounds like my kind of move! All the best, Nan!

  3. Right, off, thanks to Liz for posting for me and yes, next week, I'll be posting from the road on a whole new adventure. And yeah, this is the only picture I've posted on FB, but in my own defense, it was the only chance I've had to grab a quick pic after a very long day of garage sale and packing. We actually had a great supper, drank some wine, and took a breath. Poppy and I are on also on Grandboy duty, so...time has flown and we are pooped, but so happy our kids are coming home!