Friday, November 17

Mermaids and Dragons!

Happy Friday-Before-Thanksgiving!

Firstly, I'm part of a multi-author Facebook Hop going on now through November 20th. Feel free to start at my link below (or at any of the participating authors' Facebook pages, if you want). Then continue hopping through the rest of the authors. Many of us are doing our own giveaways, and there is a final big prize to be announced on November 20th. I am giving away a Kindle version of "The Lake House" anthology (you know... the one with my mermaid story ;-). So if you're interested in reading the awesome short stories from my Crossroads Romance Writer pals, this is a great chance to get a copy! (man, I love the holiday season... lots of goodies everywhere!!) 
And on another note, last week I wrote about the Romance Writers Gone Wild Facebook event that I was involved with this week, including the mermaid-themed box of goodies I’m giving away.

And speaking of mermaids… I have a writer pal who’s part of a multi-author box set devoted to mermaids and dragons. Holy beany-boppers, Batman! You say? I agree! I mean… mermaids and dragons?!? Who doesn’t like mermaids and dragons? As we say in my household (usually about anything Star Wars or Disney related) Shut up and take my money!

Here’s the scoop: 1 Collection. 26 Tales of Enchantment and Danger!

From the darkest skies to the deepest seas, dive into a breathtaking collision of mermaids, dragons, sirens, and more in SIRENS & SCALES, a unique Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Collection!

Your travels through these stories of dazzling ocean tides and the dizzying reaches of the heavens will leave you breathless. Join dragon shifters and mer-creatures for an experience of salty seafaring adventures and magnificent airborne enterprises where sky meets sea, love meets its match, and imagination has no end.

With 26 full-length stories of enchanting fiction, you'll learn the secrets of Atlantis, soar to uncharted peaks, and discover creatures of wing and fin and those who love them. Ready to set sail and catch the tide before your chance for adventure is lost forever? Then order this collection of BRAND NEW and EXCLUSIVE material from your favorite USA Today and award-winning authors before it's gone for good!

My writer pal, Jennifer Laslie, has a book in this collection, titled MERMAID ADRIFT.  Check it out:

When disaster strikes, Meriya must decide whether to stay on land or return to the sea.

Washed ashore after a natural disaster, Meriya finds herself in the human world, injured and running out of time. Unsure whether her family survived, she must determine the better course: stay on land, and thus become human, or return to the sea calling to her. When young Rowan claimed a mermaid rescued him after a boating accident which took his father's life, no one believed him. Now, with Meriya recovering in his pool, he must do everything in his power to keep her a secret. Can Rowan convince Meriya to stay in his world or will her betrothed and the secrets swirling in the ocean's depths prove a stronger pull?

Other books by the following authors: Kellie McAllen, Award-Winning author Pauline Creeden, RJ Blain, Graceley Knox, USA Today bestselling author Starla Night, USA Today bestselling author Gaja J. Kos, A.L. Knorr, Bethany Wicker, Ivy Quinn and Midnight Voss, Award-Finalist Natasha S. Brown, Isra Sravenheart, Harper Alexander, Rone Award Nominee C.S. Moore, Tina Glasneck, Award-Winning author Carly Fall, B. Kristin McMichael, Award-Winning author Natalie G. Owens and Zee Monodee, Konstanz Silverbow, N.D. Jones, USA Today bestselling author Cate Farren, USA Today bestselling author Kelly Anne Blount, Jennifer M. Eaton, Jennifer Laslie, Mindy Ruiz, USA Today bestselling author Katalina Leon, D.D. Miers & B.Crow, Kyoko M.

Releases January 2nd
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Mermaids and Dragons… ‘nuff said. ;-)

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


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