Friday, November 10

Romance Writers Gone Wild Giveaway

Happy Friday! I signed up to participate in what is the Mother-of-all-author-giveaways next week… at least it is to me, given my limited experience. I am one of 100 authors in the multi-genre Romance Writers Gone Wild giveaway event going on next week (November 13-17), and it’s mind-numbingly huge!

If you haven’t signed up to attend this party and get some of the goodies they’re giving away, do so right now! Here’s the link: I’ll wait while you go do this.

Back? Okay, good. For those of you who just kept reading, let me tell you what you’re going to miss if you don’t sign up: One HUGE giveaway. I forget exactly what it was, but it’s free and something you probably don’t want to buy yourself. Then there are the small gift card giveaways going on throughout. With one swipe up of my finger just now, I saw about $75 worth of gift cards posted. And on top of all that, most of the authors are doing their own giveaways. The odds you’ll win something are better than shooting fish in a barrel here.

Ooooo, Mermaid Beanie Boppers!
You know you want them!
And the icing on the cake? I’ll be posting with the paranormal/sci-fi authors next Wednesday and giving away e-versions of my books. AND a mermaid-themed box of goodies complete with mermaid beanie-boppers. I know what you’re thinking… Mermaid beanie boppers? Shut up and take my money! The good news is there is no purchase necessary to play! I know, right… You’d have to be crazy NOT to be part of this (and I know you’re not crazy. Not in a non-author kind of way, anyway)!

Okay, I’ll wait while you stampede over to the link above to get in on this event. ;-)

Pushy sales-pitch aside, this is a huge deal, I’m wondering why the heck I signed up because it’s waaaaay over my head, and I just want to make a good showing. Truth be told, the last author takeover/giveaway thing I did resulted in two people responding to my posts. One of whom was the event organizer. Not really sure what went wrong, because I’m pretty sure I was my usual fascinatingly witty self (*tongue in cheek*). Don’t go join just because you feel sorry for me. But it does seem like an awesome Facebook party, with lots of fabulous authors from all genres and lots of giveaways.

Better odds than the lottery. Hope to see you there!


  1. I signed up! Now I have to go Google Mermaid beanie boppers! Happy Friday, Ava!

  2. Hey, sounds like a bunch o' fun! Enjoy the party and now I, too, have to go see what beanie boppers are all about! Hugs, baby!

  3. Never let anyone tell you you're fascinating and witty! Best of luck.

    1. Wait! I meant to say, don't let anyone tell you that you're NOT fascinating and witty! Sheesh. That's what happens when you don't proofread.