Tuesday, December 5

And...We Have Winners!

Last week was a load of fun for all of us Wranglers--we do love giveaways! Here are the five winners drawn randomly from all the people who commented on Word Wranglers' posts last week. Debby won the prize from Liz; Pat Bradley won the prize from Nan; Stephanie Coutts won the prize from Kristina; Jessica Desmukes won the prize from Margie; and Molly Daniels won the prize from Ava.

Speaking of contests and giveaways, I entered three in the last month or so. I'm not a contester--never have been, but I'm giving it a shot because I am crazy about the cover for Saving Sarah. My designer, Lani Diane Rich from Chipperish Media, caught Sarah and Tony perfectly with this cover and tag line. Is it just me or does the Saving Sarah cover just melt your heart? So I entered it in the JABBIC -- the Judge A Book By Its Cover contest sponsored by the Houston Bay Area RWA chapter. Hold a good thought, okay? Oh, and you will get an opportunity to vote--I'll post it here when it comes up.

I also entered Saving Sarah in a couple of reader-judged contests, so send good energy to Sarah and Tony--I'd love to see their story at least final in a contest next spring.Wouldn't that be just awesome?

Be sure to stop by Liz's post yesterday if you haven't already--there's lots of big doings, including a giveaway, around the release of her newest Harlequin Heartwarming romance, The Happiness Pact. I really love Libby and Tucker's story--it's delightful. Liz is on a whirlwind blog tour for the next week or so and all the info about her tour is in her post if you want to follow along. I know I'll be there!

That's all the news for now--go out and make it a great Tuesday!


  1. Good luck with the contests and thanks for the shout-out. "Debby," please contact me by PM on Facebook! I don't have your full name.

  2. Crossing my fingers, arms, legs, eyes... for you in these contests!!

  3. Me, too. Crossing my fingers. That is an awesome cover and it deserves some accolades!

  4. I hope this is where I comment!! I love the cover of your book and the blurb. Just by looking at the cover in the store or online would intrigue me to buy the book. And hearing the blurb about it intrigues me even more!!