Thursday, December 14

Margie Senechal's O'Henry Bars!

by Margie Senechal

So, Kristi did sugar cookies which are my go-to holiday cookies. LOL And even though, we have different recipes, I thought I'd go with what I made last night.

I have bunco tonight and we have our annual Christmas potluck. I signed up for dessert, but because we're having so much food, I thought I'd go more snacky than fancy. And these cookies fit the bill. Plus, I had cornflakes in need of a recipe.

 I call these O'Henry Bars. But when I looked the recipe up online, I discovered there are several variations of homemade O'Henry Bars.

Mine is this:

Pour 6 cups of cornflakes into a 9X11 baking pan and crunch up with your clean hands into a course cornflake dust.

Melt 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of light Karo Syrup, and 1.5 cups of creamy peanut butter together. I usually use med-high heat and cook until warm and everything is all melted together and you can't feel any sugar granules.

Pour peanut butter mixture over cornflakes and mix well--get all that dust incorporated. Spread to the corners of the pan evenly.

Melt a package of chocolate chips in 30 second intervals in the microwave. Slather over peanutbuttered cornflakes. Put in fridge to firm up. Once firm, cut into pieces and place in an airtight  container and keep in reaching range. Enjoy!

As I don't have a book to promote or giveaway, I am giving away a couple of Coasters handmade by me. 

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Margie, I got behind on everything this week and I'm reading one recipe after another. And now I'm starved! These look so good!