Saturday, December 2

Christmas is the time for giving...And Giveaways!

It's December and the countdown to Christmas has begun. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Fortunately, I don't have an extensive shopping list, but I've done next to nothing so far. The crunch is on!

Thinking about buying Christmas gifts makes me remember of some of my favorite Christmas gifts. Of course, I've received many gifts over the years (I've seen a few Christmases, after all!) but some have stuck in my memory. 

I probably received most of my childhood dolls at Christmas, but the one I remember most is my Tammy doll. I'll bet you don't remember her! She was a fashion doll, sort of like Barbie, except she was taller and not as well endowed.

Unfortunately, she didn't fit into Barbie clothes and I couldn't find anything to fit her, but I loved her anyway. I'm sure my Mom bought her because she was available in our local small-town hardware store, and Barbie wasn't. I never did get a Barbie doll, but I was never too broken up about it. 

I got a couple of gifts from my brother that I remember well. He's several years older than me, so he was off working while I was still at school. One year he bought me a hat and scarf set that I loved. It was warm AND stylish! The next year he bought me a hand-held hair dryer, my first ever. Just what I needed! I suspect his then girlfriend, my future sister-in-law, helped him because I'm not sure how else he would have known to buy things I'd like so much.

I'd known my boyfriend for only a couple of months before we celebrated our first Christmas together. I can't remember what I got him that year (probably something awesome, like socks), but he gave me a lovely silver necklace. I knew it probably wasn't expensive; after all, we were both university students and didn't have two dimes to rub together. But it was pretty and it came from him, and that was all that mattered. Fortunately, I had the good sense to marry the guy!

The rest of the Word Wranglers have been giving away things this week, and I want to join the fun. In the Rafflecopter below, tell me your favorite Christmas gift ever. I'll pick the random winners by Monday, Dec.4 by midnight CST. All e-prizes are international. And don't forget to go back and enter for your chance to win prizes at the rest of the Word Wranglers' posts:

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  1. This is my third try at getting this to post!

    In 1989, I was hospitalized the week of Christmas with preeclampsia. I was placed in the maternity ward where everyone was gmhsbing babies while I was praying mine wouldn’t die.

    I got sent home on Christmas Eve on strict bed rest. I cooked my baby for another five weeks and she was born five weeks early at 2.12 pounds. She is now 27

    1. BTW--I am Anonymous or Spartacus..take your pick :)

    2. Margie, preeclampsia -that's tough, and scary. Thank goodness your story has a happy ending.

  2. My favorite gift was a banana-seat three-speed bicycle with tassels at the end of the handle bars. I was all kinds of cool riding it!!

  3. My favorite gift was a 3-book set of Nancy Drew mysteries that my Aunt Ruth gave me for my 9th Christmas. I was already a voracious reader by then and my library didn't have these three particular books. I'd never owned three books of my very own before, so this was huge!

  4. There's something we have in common: I have an Aunt Ruth, too! And a love of Nancy Drew books, though I don't think I owned any. I still love mysteries!