Thursday, December 21

Merry Christmas!

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By Margie Senechal

The past three days have been filled with getting stuff done. I guess that's what days off are for, especially this time of year.

Today I've been busy finishing up my baking--mint brownies, frosted sugar cookies, and no bake cookies. I did PB Blossoms, Icelandic Christmas Cake, and fudge yesterday. Finished up my shopping--thank you, Amazon Prime. And wrapped most of the gifts, although quite a few have sticky notes because I ran out of tags.

For the most part, I finally feel like I'm caught up. Good thing because I go to work in two hours for a midnight closing shift and then two mids before Christmas Eve--which basically means that I will only have time for work and sleep for the next three days. 

I used to think I didn't have traditions that were passed down, but I realized yesterday that baking and making a craft for Christmas presents are my traditions. And today, Jordan pitched in to help me finish up the cookies before work.

The past few years I made coasters and I have hundreds in my garage to prove it. This year, I made these candles. I think it's fitting that a baker makes a glass of milk with a cookie candle. And besides the mess I made while making them, I enjoyed them. I also have a hot chocolate in a mug one I'm playing around with. Creativity spawns creativity.

And after Christmas, I'm going to get back into the writing saddle and start living my new year theme. But, that's another blog for January.

Have a great Christmas and try to find a little serenity. Mine is usually in a dark room just staring at the lights on the Christmas tree when everyone else is in bed.  Where's yours?


  1. That's a good place for me, too, Margie. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. I love the quiet evenings when I can just enjoy the lights on my tree... unfortunately I haven't had those yet this year. But there is still time! Merry Christmas!

    1. There’s always time?’c just a matter of taking it :) Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. I love sitting with the tree and just being still...that's one of my favorite parts of the season!

  4. There is something about just sitting in a dark room with only the tree lights, isn't there, Margie? I love to do that.