Thursday, January 18

First Stop

Image result for clutter bugby Margie Senechal

I'm not proud of what I'm about to show you, but sometimes there's just no choice.

My phrase for the year--in case you forgot over the past two weeks--is You Make it Happen.

I was smart in that I didn't state exactly what I wanted to happen, just that I'd make it happen. But, one of the main things I'd like to accomplish is to get organized.

So, first off. "Hi! My name is Margie and I am a clutterbug."

Phew! That felt good.

On Monday, I took these pictures of my writing space.
 Is it any wonder I haven't written anything substantial in months? Even though I rarely sit down and write here, usually I take a notebook to B&N or Starbucks, this are is indicative of my mind. How does one focus through all the clutter?

My days off were Tuesday and Wednesday. I pulled by old Kindle Fire off a shelf, charged it, and put on The Handmaid's Tale--which I'd been meaning to watch since before it actually premiered. And hunkered down to work.

That pink bag in the back right is filled

Okay, so not only am I clutterbug, I might also have a bit of a hoarder gene inside me somewhere--at least when it comes to offices supplies like pens and paper, and tote bags.

I went through my pens and threw a quarter away and packed half in a baggie to share at work, keeping only the ones I really want. Of course, now I have room to go buy some more. NO! Stop it.

I took down a bulletin board that was no longer served as such since you couldn't get a tack in or out--it was that old and warped. I replaced it with some triangle cork things which opened up that wall to hang some more crap. I love that corner wall filled with pictures, writerly things, and momentos of people who mean a lot to me. You can't see them, but the white magnet board has magnets with Liz and Nan's bookish info on them. There's also agent cards I received at conferences but never sent the book in because I haven't finished it. Someday, maybe...

I took three boxes to the Humane Society Retails drop off. I bagged up some Lego sets to make room for books on my shelves. I put the shopping tote bags into my car so maybe I'll actually use them.

I still need to go through my file cabinet and the drawers, but I made definite progress. And that's my goal for the year. To take my house and garage apart in tiny increments and declutter. Next, the kitchen table.

And here are the results of my labor. The new, improved writing space. And did it work? Did decluttering my writing space declutter my mind and let the muse free? Yes, I wrote three pages yesterday. So, there you go. I made it happen.

May you have a great Thursday that propels you into a wonderful weekend!



  1. Good for you! And I love your space. My mother-in-law's walls were covered to the point that I felt claustrophobic in her house, but she told me she drew life from all those things she loved. I miss her so much. Thanks for the reminder, and go, you! on that three pages!

    1. Did you notice your stockings hanging up there? While I have pictures hanging up in the rest of the house, it is nothing like this. LOL

    2. Oh, there they are! Makes me feel good to see them.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Let’s see how long it lasts. Lol

  3. Great progress, Margie! My office still looks like your before picture. I'll clean it, someday...

    1. It’s been bugging me for a while and if I don’t do it, nobody else will :)

  4. Wow! You go, girlfriend! That’s a geat positive step forward!

  5. Wow! You really made a difference. I'll confess, I can't work in clutter. My office is mostly pretty tidy because I go crazy if I try to edit in a mess...but I'm a secret slob--don't ever open one of my closets. Who knows what will fall on your head! ;-)

  6. Brava! I don't (yet) have your courage, but I'm hoping to find it one of these days. Hope your writing goes super well in your "new" digs.